Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Quiz #41

Answer: This is what was known as the Tooronga Gasometer, off Toorak Road near where the Monash Freeway/CityLink now cross. I am sure I can remember the bridge being much as it is in the photo. Toorak Road rises steeply in the distance as it approaches Tooronga Road. The present Glen Waverley railway line is visible, although I don't think it would have gone as far as Glen Waverley when this photo was taken. The road in the foreground is probably Elizabeth Street and the space in between has been heavily planted now. Where the gasometer was is not housing and a large commercial premises presently under construction. The trees to be seen will have long been removed for housing. Well done RH for correctly answering.

I can't remember what I was going to do with these two photos. So what are they and where were they?
Hint for the second photo, Jah Teh and Fen may not be far away. The site is now a park. Name?

Answer: Located in North Melbourne off Macauly Road across the road from the old North Melbourne Football/Cricket Ground in Arden Street. The site now seems to have apartments and open green space. Well done David Thompson who has more interests than just Art Deco buildings.


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  2. I thought real hard, but have to give up.

  3. I'll leave this odd and irrelevant comment here, just because it is so weird.

    You're excused Rubye. They weren't exactly next door to you.

  4. Andrew, that looks like Barry Cable (No 9) on the right of the group of players in the second photo. I can also see the word 'North' on the stands in the background but that is mere window dressing to the gasometer that confirms to me exactly where it is.

    BTW the current name is a sponsors name so no doubt it will change over time.

  5. Nice sleuthing David. Interesting, because when I came across the photo ages ago, it was captioned Moorabbin. You are correct. I miss hearing the name Arden Street.

  6. Well, there were gasometers everywhere, so it makes sense that David is using clues from the second photo. The Other took one glance at it without reading the post and said "Cheltenham". Near the pioneer cemetery off Nepean Hwy.
    There are ads along the fence line [e.g.] yakka. She says north could mean anything.
    Is it a practice session, there are mismatched guernseys and socks - if it was home and away they would not all be dressed like this and wearing black shorts. The short shorts look '70s vintage. [Not that I would have a clue].
    They all looked [and stank] much the same to me. [Gasometers, I mean, not footy players.]

    As for the first photo, how old is it? Looks like the bridge has a generic design, though it's not too long. Why is the watercourse not at the lowest point in the landscape? Is that a railway line running across the back horizon? No footpaths so in the country somewhere [bearing in mind that if the photo is old enough it could be any inner suburb today]? If it's undeveloped land why have they got 2 of the stinkers?

    Yet another intriguing post Andrew.

  7. Well I might as well also have a guess, but I am not at all familiar with Melbourne.
    1. Year in the 50/60's going by the AFL team's clothing, beattle's like haircuts and socks pulled up.
    2. Obviously near an existing football club's field.
    3. Seems that it has rail access in the distance of photo #1.
    4. A similar area here in Brisbane with those "stink" tanks is now a high rise development.
    5. As this is called a Park now, it has to be a major football venue.
    6. It is certainly not the Rod Laver/Margaret Court Tennis arena.

    Conclusion: A major AFL football stadium.
    Hurry up please with the answer.

  8. Remember the Galloping Gasometer who played for North Melbourne? The late Mick Nolan was a very big lad!

  9. I've been beaten to the term Galloping Gasometer by that European-looking woman.
    Yes darlings one of these is the old North Melbourne ("Shinboners") ground with it's greyhound track around the outside of the oval.
    Dear old North, they were always battlers until Barrassi bought star players from other clubs, thus paying to win the '75 Grand Final.
    When I think of North I think of Noel Teasdale, rough bloke wearing a headband. I was at the ground one year when he was captain, the ball rolled out of bounds after a lot of useless hand passing. As the players came jogging up for the throw-in Noel had something to say. "Kick the fucking thing!" he hollered, and it carried right across the outer, in times when fuck was plebian.

  10. FC, I believe that Highett/Cheltenham one was in what is now the Sir William Fry Reserve. Have you ever been in footy club change rooms? Probably not, but they certainly stank, a mixture of sweat, old boots and liniment. You are not a bad sleuth yourself. The first photo would be considered to be inner suburb now. Date? Maybe 1920s or a bit later.

  11. Colin, as David worked out, it is North Melbourne and we assume the NM football team, the ground being known as Arden Street by many. There is indeed a railway line there and it is still there. If the same photo was taken today, (you can't as it has been revegetated) it would be a sea of cars.

    Sorry Hels, I don't. I know a bit more about footy now, but in earlier years it was very easy to ignore. It's a good nickname though.

    Greyhound track RH. Didn't know that. I remember the name Noel Teasdale.

  12. Well maybe the second one is not the old North Melbourne ground. The first looks like Toorak road with bridge over Gardners creek, I don't know, loving you all nonetheless.

  13. Footballers leggy in those days, more solid now.

  14. Hello Andrew:
    It is years since we have seen gasometers such as these which used, of course, to be very much a part of every urban landscape.

  15. Tooronga? Is it Tooronga? I regulary caught the train from there, dropped a coin into the weighing machine one day and I was ten stone. And twenty years old. Good heavens, shy with the femmes too. Advanced on both since, and then some.

  16. Answer some of these comments, don't pretend you're busy at work, you're using their computer all day for social media.

    ha ha ha, you old devil!!!

  17. I remember the smell from the place coming home in the train from work. They left them up for a while after the rest of the gasworks was torn down and my son spray painted his first tagged graffiti artwork there. I don't mean rubbish but a real piece of art before the tagging gang wars started.

  18. RH, I really think the first is NM. Gardiners Creek, but better paid men than you have got that wrong. So yes, it is off Toorak Road, close to Tooronga. I think it was called the Tooronga Gasometer. No gasometers in Toorak. Well done.

    JayLa, I wondered about whether they were common in England. Apparently they were.

    RH, it was my day off. I was in town consumerising. I don't use a computer at work. You have forgotten I am a working class blue collar worker who often gets up at 4.30am.

    Jah Teh, I'd forgotten the smell. Yes, production of coal gas, it smelt. Well, your son gave you your five minutes of fame. Remember your local member Peter Spyker? The Dutchie who kept chooks. Yours was demolished under his watch. None have been kept. Pity.

  19. The top photo is Tooronga, the bottom with the footy players would be North Melbourne.
    I knew my spelling of Gardiners was wrong but I don't bother checking on place names.
    What do you call blue collar, I doubt you'd be doing manual work. You deal with the public at times, I know that. And yes you are one hell of a consumer; shop crazy!

  20. Toorak road goes on a long way, right through Glen iris etc, rarely letting itself down in the way of affluence.

  21. I've been deliberately honest and scrolled through everyone's comments and my guess is - Glen Waverley??

  22. No Kath. I thought the other North Melbourne one might be of interest to you.

  23. Auburn Road runs off to the left, just after the bridge. I haven't been there for years but there were small factories along there. One of them made plastics. I worked there a while. Where the trees are in the distance (Tooronga Road) is now a shopping square, before that it was the Toorak Drive-in. I think there's long been industry around that section of Toorak Road; it's low, marshy and never valuable land for housing. Literary gal Elisabeth (Sixth in Line) lives about three kilometres north in Riversdale road (very valuable).

  24. But I live nowhere near North Melbourne now!

  25. I know Fen. It was labelled Moorabbin, but that was wrong.

  26. oohhh, now I get it! Heh.


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