Thursday, August 30, 2012

Psst, Gina

Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart, says people need to give up their evil ways. No more smoking, drinking, socialising and gambling. Get out there and work hard and you could be as successful as me.

It rather reminds me of the educated classes of London writing their criticisms of  the poor and their fondness for gin.  The rich do seem to adore lecturing the working class.

Gina wants us to work harder, to spend more time at work. Fortunately most of society doesn't do that, so we have other things in our lives. Some of us potter in the garden. Some support artistic endeavours. Some go the shops daily. Some read. Some listen to and create music. Some take photos. Some travel. Some visit historic buildings. Some party like there is no tomorrow. Some look after animals. Some work for for free to the betterment of society. It takes all kinds.

Some even spend time bringing up children, moulding them into successful adults, and don't bring up children who have law suits out for their mother.

Methinks said Gina ought to have spent a bit more time with her children and bit less time making vast fortunes. She may well lecture us about our work ethic, but she does rather leave herself open for criticism for her family relationships. 


  1. La Gina is a twat. The man she most admired in the world was daddy. These two proposed pushing bludging useless abos into the sea, and using uranium bombs to dig holes in the ground.

    She never started out with nothing so has no evidence that hard work alone will make people rich - this is mere assertion.

    She's heard a hundred times that one generation builds a business, the next grows it, and the third blows it. Maybe that's why she won't let go. Doesn't want to deal with the karma that's coming.

    In any event, she is now losing money as she tries to offload her fairfax shares. Pity she will be able to write the loss off, but this still won't give her back 100 cents in the dollar lost.

    If I were Rose I would be posting her one pair of defaced really expensive shoes every day for the rest of my life - just in case she hasn't worked out that nothing screws with a fortune like sex. Oh, wait a minute, she's being sued by her kids. Well, there you have it. The wages of sin.

    Just as well she has no feelings or conscience - she might be unhappy. Well, have I said enough yet for her to sue me?

  2. Michael11:57 pm

    2 words for Gina. Stupid cow.

  3. I think out of all your rants...this one is my favorite.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Happily we know next to nothing about Gina Rinehart and do not believe that our lives are any the worse for that. And, as you point out here, and with which we totally agree, there are other things in life than work. Furthermore, what is 'successful'?

  5. I know it sounds soooo superficial, but everything else has been covered more than satisfactorily..don't you think with all that money she could get something done about the 'other' ugly side to her!

  6. FC, as you say. I suppose I will get sued too.

    Michael, there are more adjectives, but I don't want to pick on her appearance.

    Thank you Dina. You are too kind.

    JayLa, you may well become more aware of her. She is now the richest woman in the world. Indeed what is successful? Not something to be judged by wealth.

    Grace, we shall be charitable and not go there.

  7. Bill - William the Weasal - Shorten has told ABC 24 he finds it hard to "make ends meet" on his salary of $330,000.

    Herald Sun. August 29, 2012.

  8. Anonymous9:59 am

    I liked someones comments in one of the local rags. "Gina has spent too much time grazing in the top paddock".

    Would like to see her try living on the basic wage and not daddies hand me downs.

  9. I may be eternally broke but at least I won't grow up to be a miserable old cow like Gina! Small mercies.

  10. Hi Andrew

    Peculiar absence of criticism of the human failing of gluttony.

    Someone's glass house has a KFC franchise inside.



  11. RH, I do get that about Shorten. About a third plus would go in tax. He possibly has quite a high mortgage on a very nice house in a posh area. I should remember who his wife is, but I am sure she likes the better things in life. The children don't go without. I think I have accounted for the $330k. But to a single person living on $20k a year, well, I can understand how that grates.

    Anon, she has indeed, but noting her personal appearance detracts from the argument of her evilness. Well, she could be described as lacking self control when food is around, I guess.

    Fen, once again you have come up with wise words. Miserable, that is what she is.

    Pants, when vous and moi are in a position to throw stones, then we shall. Though, we don't lecture about other's supposed failings.

  12. Yes he's battling alright. Maybe we could raise some funds for him, run a cake stall. Can you bake?

  13. He deserves the best, you can't have him living in the Housing Commission when his mother-in-law is Governor General. How would that look.

  14. He has a high living standard. I would rather that than pollies being paid a pittance and making up their income in other ways, as happens in many third world countries.

  15. I don't know much about Gina and family and I certainly didn't inherit millions (or is it squillions?) of dollars from my daddy, but I do know that if I were to suddenly become very rich, by winning the mega draw lotto for instance, I would immediately share that money with my kids. I wouldn't make them wait until I died for an inheritance, I'd prefer to see them enjoy having money while I'm still alive.
    Of course Gina's kids are already rich aren't they? they just want more.

  16. River, isn't there a danger of spoiling the family dynamics if you gave your children a heap of money? Maybe just pay off mortgages, a holiday and a new car. Yes, Gina's kids seem pretty comfortable already.

  17. You think giving people money stops greed? There's no limit with these gangsters. Liars. Imposters. Criminals.