Wednesday, August 15, 2012


No bloody noise? No, that is not what NBN stands for. It is National Broadband Network, our fibre optic internet and telephone cable system now under construction. Many complain about the cost, but as has been said, the copper wire telephone stood us in good stead for one hundred years, and so shall the fibre optic cable for the next one hundred, that is unless someone comes up with something even better.

A very small area of remote Australia will not be covered by the NBN fibre optic cable. They will get a subsidised satellite service or other.

Every so often I have thought of what River said about the NBN. I meant to follow it up and eventually I have. Except so far down the track, I have forgotten the suburb in Adelaide that River moved to but it wasn't too far out. River said that she will not be able to get the NBN. While I don't disbelieve her, I need to look for myself. I'll just look at the NBN website and maybe I can work it out. I couldn't, but the map is interesting.

Oh dear, the Highrise is not going to get NBN either. Daniel won't. Jayne should. Jah Teh certainly will. I think Lord Sedgwick is out. Miss Ann O'Dyne appears to be in. Pants, that would be a no. Victor, you're in within three years.

I can only conclude that areas are prioritised. Perhaps there is a higher priority for areas that lack cable or ADSL2.

Anyway River, I think you will get the NBN fibre optic, just a bit later than many others do, maybe the same time we get it.

I can't imagine that we will need faster internet that what we now have, but then the salesman who sold us our first computer said that 2gb of storage would be all we would ever need. Now we have 1000gb, if that is what a terrabyte is, that is enough, for now, provided I use other media for storage.


  1. I'm surprised that you are not getting NBN, Andrew. I must check this out for myself.

  2. My reading of the NBN roll out information suggests you will get NBN about 12 months before I do, Andrew.

  3. Where do I find out this info? I want NBN nooooooooow ;) Not really, my internet does me just fine.

  4. Was this the page you were looking at?

    If so, I know at least one of those people you linked to *will* be getting connected to the NBN - the map I linked to only shows what areas are going to be connected in the next three years.

    Beyond that, you will be getting the NBN (of some description) but they don't exactly when.

  5. Also the rollout is based around the existing telephone exchange footprints: hence when you look at Melbourne you see a splodge of coverage on one side of town, a bit of a gap, another splodge where they are planning to do it in the next three years, and so on.

  6. Victor, I only looked at the map and there are no coloured bits where we are. Although I just put in our post code and it says within twelve months.

    Fen, click on Marcus' link below.

    Marcus, yes, I thought the map did not make longer projections. I don't quite understand about the exchange footprints, otherwise wouldn't a splodge surround an exchange? A splodge doesn't surround the South Yarra or Windsor exchanges.

  7. Hi. I want to be a macho man.

    Meanwhile I'm off to Cairns for a while.

    So toodle-oo my little cupcakes. workers...leathermen...cowboys...

    The vast kaleidoscope of life.

    I will not be staying at the YMCA.

  8. I wonder when we will get it. I heard in 3 years.

  9. I'm in Fullarton, fairly close to the city. The newspaper article I read way back when, had a list of scheduled releases, within 12 months, 3 years and 10 years. We are just not listed. At all. Hmpf!

  10. Thanks to Marcus for the link. In Frankston we currently have cable broadband with a 4 x wifi modem. The service is quite fast but drops out sometimes - especially during peak times.
    Today's 'where should we eventually downsize to' location is Jindera. The link explains alternatives for 'not in your lifetime' locations, and the info seems quite helpful.

  11. Missing you already RH. Have fun.

    Diane, check the Marcus link and it might give you an idea. I expect your service is not bad though?

    River, I just checked the map. You are the same as we are. You will get it. You just won't be among the first.

    FC, Jindera? Given I have no idea, maybe you would get the subsidised satellite service

  12. Hi Andrew

    Much as I hate to disagree, Larrikin's End is definitely in -
    Barney has contacts...


  13. I defer to Barney's inside knowledge Pants. Clearly the NBN map is deficient.

  14. I think there are new NBN map that published by them.

    1. Thanks Alex. It will be interesting to examine.


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