Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Meals Out

Just for diary purposes.

Sunday. Lunch at Southgate.

Wednesday, lunched in a cafe in Altona with R.

Dinner with Sis in Law and Oldest Niece at Yum Cha Cafe in Exhibition Street Wednesday night before they saw Annie at the Regency. Niece was driving her car and took us into town with a little lane guidance from me. Once in Flinders Street, I told her it was all up to her now as to where she parked as I know nothing of parking in the city. She turned left into Russell Street, left into Collins Street and reverse parked into a vacant street space almost in front of the Regent. Unbelievable.

Saturday night, dined with T at Lezzett in Elwood. Very good. Now has an Age GFG hat. Plenty of staff and good service and good food.

Sunday, while I was at work, R lunched with ex work friends in Maling Road.

Tuesday, breakfast at Southgate. Late lunch in Oakleigh. Evening, dined at Casino.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    How absolutely splendid this all sounds to us. We LOVE eating out!!

  2. Sounds good to me :)

    At home, we have a big kitchen and eating area, and eat out only once a week... on weekends.

    Here, in Spain and Portugal, people seem to eat out all the time. Perhaps their flats are too small. This is true, even though Spain and Portugal's economy are said to be in the poo.

  3. A bunch of us went to town one night, chauffered by a friend. She stopped in Spring St, left her indicator on and announced 'This looks like a good spot to park."

    'But there are no vacant spots' someone observed.
    'If you're in the right spot', came the answer, 'it only takes a few minutes to park.'

    'How do you know what's the right spot?'
    'If you wait a few minutes and don't get a park, you're in the wrong spot.'

    I tried it a few times, but it never worked for me. Your niece is obviously one of the charmed people.

  4. JayLa, it rather makes up for the evening after evening when R has to cook. We must take our opportunities when we can.

    Hels, we are much the same, except for maybe take away one night as well. But we are a bit wicked when it comes to brunch or lunch.

    FC, were you listening to your friend? It hasn't worked for you because you haven't been in the right place. Move on. I am not sure about charmed, but as I forecast, she will get better as she gets older and she has.

  5. I should eat out more, no cooking, no cleaning up....or I could get takeaway from some of the local restaurants. There's Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Mongolian and more. Not just Maccas and fish'n'chips.

  6. River, not that I think of you as an older person, but I have seen at our local shops older people buying meals during the day to take home, obviously for their dinner. Money wise, I don't think it would cost much more. Do you remember when I mentioned the meals on wheels that gave vouchers for local cafes instead of delivering a meal.

  7. Crikey Andrew - when do you eat at home....?

    (says the person who hates going out during week nights 'cos the Olympics are on at a decent time here)

  8. Where did you dine in Altona?

  9. Kath, it goes in fits and stages. Sometimes not for ages. Most inconvenient time for down under.

    RH, I don't know the names. Turned down Millers Road, then towards Williamstown on major road and washed the car, then further along, a shopping centre that had a cafe. Nothing flash, but was ok.

  10. I can't follow that at all. The only road from Millers Road to Williamstown is Koroit Creek (Shit Creek) Road. The other road, Blackshaws Road, brings you through Altona North to Newport. Mason Street, likewise. Why didn't you try that little cafe on the park in Mason Street Newport that I told you about for goodness sake!

    I'm guessing you came off the freeway at Millers Road?

  11. DON'T EVER eat at La Porchetta, Williamstown. The service is shit, the food is worse.

  12. Okay? Wake up to yourself.

    For a good feed go to Pizzatrain, Mason Street, near the station. I've invited undesirables from Werribee to dine there and they all gave it the thumbs up!

    -Not saying you're an undesirable, but you are a very fussy dude.

  13. Yes that one, Kororoit? Creek Road. Exited into Millers Road from freeway. We had limited time and we were hungry. Next time I will make a point of following up your recommendation.

    La Porchetta can be very variable. The South Yarra one is good. St Kilda, ok. South Oakleigh, appalling. Not fussy about food at all.

  14. I thought my spelling was wrong but couldn't be bothered checking. It's Kororoit, you're right; fancy name for a trickle through wasteland. Very ugly, perfect landscape for Browning's Childe Roland.
    I had some remote acquaintance with people who previously ran Williamstown Porchetta and it was a good standard then. The place I recommend you try is a little cafe in Mason Street on the edge of the park. I haven't been in there but it looks pretty good. Pizzatrain is across the street and a bit further up from the station. The RH Temple of Extreme Thought is within a stone's throw but you wouldn't want to go there, very downmarket.

  15. I had dinner at my sister's on Wednesday night, that's the extent of my eating out!

  16. What about lunch Fen?

  17. ssshhhh, lunch doesn't count!!
    I have had lunch out 3 days this week!

  18. I've bought the occasional meal to take home for dinner, usually something like sushi rolls, or pizza that reheats well. When I lived closer to work I'd sometimes buy a pasta meal or subway sandwich after doing the shopping. The pasta meal would still be hot after walking home and the sub didn't need reheating so that was okay too. Burgers aren't any good for this though. Refrigerated and reheated burgers are awful! ditto chips. But I think things like curries with rice from the Indian place up the road and Thai foods would work well.

  19. River, Mother often buys a Subway roll for her dinner. Yes, burgers must be eaten hot and soon after being made. Indian food is often better the next day or even a couple of days later.