Thursday, August 23, 2012

Learnin' to Jap Junk in one easy lesson.

It is of some concern that the Readers Feast bookshop in the centre of our fair town has been replaced by the Japanese giant Daiso. Literacy to consumerism in one fell swoop. Every item for sale in Daiso is priced at $2.80. There are some real bargains to be had, for sure. I enjoy perusing the shelves, especially wondering what certain things are for when there is not an explanation in English.

Could I go in and come out empty handed? Of course not. They are like $2 shops. You don't intend to buy, but end up spending $10.

We just had to have the glue. We will try these cheap batteries to see if they are any good. A mouse mat for the laptop. The old one is too 'fast'. Liquid hand soap for topping up the dispenser in my en suite. The wrapping paper was rather nice and a bargain. The last thing is a room deodoriser. The scent is a bit old lady, but tolerable.

All useful items and they will get used.


  1. I must wander into one of these stores some day, they are intriguing from the outside.

  2. I'm a sucker in those kind of shops too.

  3. Fen, even if you don't buy anything, they are intriguing.

    Diane, I could fill a shopping basket. I hold back. I try to stand on the moral high ground about such shops full of cheap imported goods, but I love them.


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