Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In celebration of the London 'Lympics

Matt Shirvington was quite a nice looking lad when he was a young athlete but looks will only get you so far. I suppose he was an Olympic competitor at some time. Now I think he commentates on sport for a commercial television station. So, even though he was nice enough looking, I would have forgotten about him and only had a vague recollection of him when he popped up on screens for the London Olympics, except he has really stuck in my memory for some reason.

As for the Olympics, just wait for the howls from the Australian Institute of Sport that they need more money. I am writing this halfway through the Olympics and so far it has been a disaster for Australia, not because we have only won one gold medal, but because of the 'craic'. Craic, pronounced crack, is a useful English/Irish word that means talk, but it has connotations. There has been far too much craic.

Go Australia and bedeck our halls with silver.

PS You probably won't see the included video if you are using Google Reader.


  1. Hooray for silver!
    It's much better than no medals at all.
    If we don't get gold this year, we'll try harder next time.
    Of course every other country will too.

  2. Every time an announcer cries because we didn't get gold, I think of all the athletes competing for their country who will never get near a gold medal but they still do it. I don't see why our team should have to defend themselves if they don't win.

  3. River, it seems that we are worse, just that everyone else is better.

    Jah Teh, just getting to compete in the Olympics is quite an achievement.

  4. I reckon heads should roll or someone should fall on their sword for this very poor performance. On the other hand silver or bronze medals are better than nothing i suppose.

  5. Colin3:30 pm

    I think as "Windsmoke" has written - heads will roll.
    Some just shouldn't have been sent in the first place - the Monk and Dárcy swimmers! Plus a couple of others who cannot be named - Political Correctness gets in the way, and you do not require Einstein brains to work out them.
    It is not pathetic, after all to be an Olympian is a privilege that many of us would love to achieve.
    Silver is pretty close to Gold, just not the best. Still at present: 2 Gold - 12 Silver - 8 Bronze, is pretty good.
    Next Aussie coaches for other nations have achieved 14 GOLD!
    These coaches have to come back and that will be expensive, the Chinese, Poms and Yanks are paying heaps for them.
    Less bureaucrats and more power to the coaches would be a good start, plus the no "Twitter or Facebook" stuff 6 months prior to Rio de Janiero in 2016. I am sure this will be implemented.
    Funny to note that our "politicans" have been so quiet! Maybe Gillard and Abbott are cheering for the Poms after all both were born there!
    Matt Shirvington did compete in the Olympics - I don't recall what year - pity he forgot to wear a jock-strap under his shorts!
    Still we may win a few more in the sailing and God help us if the Prima Donna, Sally Pierson, fails!
    We will get an Oscar winning performance.
    The "Australian" newspaper as always has by far the best analysis of what is going on.

  6. Hello Andrew:
    We are somewhat amazed to learn that Great Britain is currently in third place where the Olympics are concerned. We are not, after all all talk [or craic]!!

  7. I do remember wincing at that Matt Shirvington clip and, if you're still looking for that type of thing, the men's cyclists uniforms are white 'down there' and do not hide very much!

  8. Colin5:34 pm

    OMG! PM Gillard has congratulated
    the new Gold Medal winner, Tom Slingsby on his Olympic triumph, in Yachting Laser class. He has red hair!
    Just how low can politicans go!
    Rude word (****) the hair colour, he won!

  9. bwahahaha that clip isn't long enough, i'm disappointed!!

  10. Windsmoke, heads should roll indeed, especially if you saw tonight's 7.30 Report. What a huge money making business is Swimming Australia for the office managers.

    Colin, Monk and D'arcy should never have gone. Indeed being an Olympian is quite an achievement, never mind the medals. Social media is fine. If it is a problem for the competitors, then they need to switch off.

    Shirvo's display I understand and it is nothing to do with jockstraps but quite deliberate.

    JayLa, doing ok, but not quite as well as expected on home turf. Quite amazing how well poor countries do against the rich west.

    Wincing Kath? I thought you might like it. Ah, do you mean wincing in a different way. I am not unaware of male cyclists.

    Colin, of course Julia will seek reflected glory, red hair or not.

    Fen, I had a longer clip and I have lost it. It was quite hypnotic and the display was arranged and tightened to happen. It was no accidental display.

  11. Hi Andrew

    Your friendly pedant here. I'm curious about your definition of 'craic'. As far as I'm aware, it means 'good time'.



  12. It looks like the budgie is trying to get out.

  13. Jamaine7:09 am

    He's still eye candy (Matthew Shirvington) but he just lost the competitive spirit and got taken up by the media. He's a fine presenter anyhow and he is multi talented- unlike some Queensland swimmers who are fish out of h20.

  14. Pants, I heard the word in Newcastle and it was defined to me as talk. So you can say what's the crack or the crack was good.

    The term crack is ultimately derived from the Middle English crak, meaning "loud conversation, bragging talk".[4] A sense of crack found in Northern England and Scotland meaning "conversation" or "news"[5] produces expressions such as "What's the crack?",[6] meaning "how are you?" or "have you any news?"

    Diane, the budgie is best left where it is and to our imaginations.

    Jamaine, I really must make an effort to see what he looks like now. Thanks for the comment.

  15. Blonde, built and browned. That's why he stuck in your memory.

  16. River, do you think I am so superficial that I would like him for those attributes? No, he could he have been dark, built and browned.

  17. Shirvington will always be remembered for his impressive package as much as for his exploits as a runner.

    We also had a runner named Tim Jackson in the late 1990s who had a period of infamy after displaying a very obvious boner through his Lycra running shorts during an interview on national television. He had just completed a successful run and was so excited by the achievement that he became...ahem...uncontrollably excited.

  18. Victor, I don't know about Tim Jackson. I hope Google is my friend.

  19. Haha that's hilarious, you know we're all off to Google Tim Jackson immediately!! when you think in a lot of cases the difference between a gold and silver medal has been less than a breath, less than a second, it kind of puts it in perspective oui! anyway as for myself I have nothing but admiration, because I just laze on the sofa and watch..I can say nought against those that go and bust a gut!!

  20. Damn, I'm at work and I'd better not google Tim Jackson!

  21. Grace, I had no success with google. What did Magnusun lose by? 100th of second? No disgrace in that at all.

    Fen, Shirvo runnuing is bad enough at work.


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