Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hefferlumps are in town

This plate explains what Mali in the City is. Apparently there are fifty of these elephants spread around the city and its perimeter. They are just great, and going by the number of people photographing them and the number of kids clambering over them, they are a huge attraction. It is the simple things in life, at times.

 Outside Melbourne Central.

At the Town Hall.

Still at the Town Hall.

The sun was glinting nicely off the water wall.

It looks a bit like a pig but I think it is a dog. We have photos of Little Jo mounting the beast last christmas when R took her in to town to see the Myer christmas windows. Btw, I've heard Adelaide's Rundle Mall pigs are for the smokehouse. How sad.

A tram elephant, in the City Square.

St Paul's pigs.

Now this one is inventive, a woolley mammoth.

At Fed Square.

Slowly the last bits of Hamer Hall are coming together.

The owl watched us have brunch, ready to attack any poor sparrow that bothered us. I can't bear pigeons, gulls and doves hovering around while I am eating, but I don't mind sparrows. Good on yer owly. Only sparrows around and not intrusive.


  1. Did you let R ride an elephant?

  2. Te elephants have come to town. They look like a fun exhibition. i read about the Rundle Mall pigs on Dianne's blog Adelaide and beyond. I think it is a shame, I always enjoyed visiting them whenever I was in Adelaide. I hope they reinstall them somewhere. They are Adelaide's icons.

  3. Decades ago I saw coloured animals like this all around the streets of Seattle. I thought it was a great idea then and pretty cool in Melbourne as well. Are they here permamently?

  4. Oh Victor! Really.

    That's where I saw the info Diane. I hope they go somewhere accessible too.

    Hels, they will last longer than the gladies, but not too long I think. Did you see the Melbourne trams in Seattle?

  5. Those are pretty cool.

    I think I've heard or seen the same thing with cows. Maybe it was in America? I'm not sure.

  6. Oh I luff those hefferlumps! I want to go cuddle one!

  7. Good memory Dina. The cows are in the Victorian country town of Shepparton.

    They are wonderful Fen. I suppose they are fibreglass.

  8. I love the elephants, but I'm disturbed now about our piggies being got rid of. Why, why, why?
    Everybody loves them, they're a great tourist attraction. I need to visit Dianne's blog and get reading....

  9. They are rebuilding the mall I think River. I expect the pigs will be saved, in some way.

  10. I wonder how many people ignored the 'do not climb' on sign, mind you climbing on a life sized elephant isn't all that easy I guess. My fav is the saggy, baggy 'wooly mammoth'. Sorry about the pigs!

  11. Grace, I missed the no climbing signs. Spoiling kids fun because they are scared of the cost if one falls off.

  12. Andrew

    I had no idea about the trams in Seattle, in advance. Then suddenly I ran smack into one!! Bloody amazing. I got onboard and found an old ticket stub, still stuck behind one of the original Melbourne ads. Surreal.

  13. Really Hels? One of those old tear off ticket blocks? And the old ad as well! I don't think the trams are running anymore. Commerce wanted some land.

  14. Yes, rebuilding the Mall at enormous cost, but why get rid of the three things that are so well known. The fountain is a heritage item, the balls are a well known meeting point and tourist attraction and the piggies have become a tourist attraction also, with many small children being photographed sitting on them.
    I sincerely hope the plans include keeping these things.

  15. Honestly River, I liked the mall and I didn't think it was so broken that it needed to be remade. It was very busy when we were there.


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