Monday, August 27, 2012

Guys we know who we have never met

We have known our Brother Friends for thirty two yeas, nearly as long as R and I have been together. We used to have some wonderful nights out at bars and very late nights at times. We have holidayed with them a couple of times, both local and overseas. We have seen a couple of their respective partners come and go. It has not always been smooth sailing though. R being the more caring type was a target for one of them when the friend suffered extreme stress. Ok, I will call it, a nervous breakdown. It was not the first time R has been targeted by friends who are struggling with life. I once had a best friend, almost, who told me through R that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with us and he promptly moved to the country. No probs. I tell myself I didn't care much anyway. While in some ways it was a relief, it hurt.

Our Brother Friends have partners in Thailand who they visit for three weeks twice a year. The guys are both ex money/bar bois. Our BFs have known them now for over a decade now. While R met them earlier in the week when they all took a trip on Puffing Billy, I only met them for the first time Saturday night over dinner at The Dick, among ten people.

Both are quite masculine and you would not pick them as gay, if they actually are. One is a muscle guy, quite out there and very straight. The other is slim and petite and so nervous about meeting ten Aussie people for dinner, he was shaking, so we were told. Yet in spite of their limited English skills, smiles, laughs, nodding and hand movements got us through.

The Brother Friends have to take them to Williamstown to see a friend. I said to R, they should get the bus to the station, the train into town, the train to Williamstown, see the friend, a ferry back to the city and the train home. The lads would see a few things. R reminded me, that is what we would do. It is not what other people would do.

The Brother Friends have organised a stay on Phillip Island and a trip to Mount Buller to see snow, but they are not showing them our fair city very well. I want to interfere, but I won't. I will make sure they see the fire show at the casino when we dine there tonight and they will have a ride on a tram to get there. Something at least. And they will see the smart St Kilda Road apartment, as opposed to the boring beige Box Hill house where they are staying. Ok, the Box Hill is quite nice, but hey, we've got the views.


  1. Don't bother.

    There are no gays in Williamstown.

    I did a survey outside Coles. Here's some of the responses:

    Q: Are you gay?

    A: No.

    A: No, I am miserable.

    A: No, how about you?

    A: No, not with you darling.

    Okay? The last bloke patted me on the cheek (face) and was very definite.

  2. LOL, R.H.

    Andrew, people come and people go. Of course it hurts but sometimes we just go in different directions.
    Don't remember ever saying I didn't want to see someone any more, probably just make myself busy doing other things.

    Your itinerary sounds good. On the other hand, with only intermittent contact, maybe beige does not sound so boring to your friends.

  3. RH, you got knocked back by a gay? That must have been very humiliating.

    FC, we suspect he received a 'diagnosis' and his psychiatrist recommended removing himself from his present life and moving to the country, which is what he did. Yeah, I am not bad at planning things like that but I always like to have plenty of time for rest along the way.

  4. Your little outing should be enough it shouldn't tread on the others toes. I agree with Fruit Cakes first paragraph.

  5. Some (most?) friendships wax and wane. That's life.

  6. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Has it really been a decade???? Bloody 'ell; where'd the time go?! Wish I was there to meet them. Very curious...V.

  7. Windsmoke, all went well.

    Victor, wax and wane yes. Abrupt end without a disagreement, a bit different.

    Fourteen years I think V. Yes, time has flown. No doubt R will tell you about them in an email.

  8. It could have been worse.


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