Thursday, August 30, 2012


Pretty enough sunset while looking east. The reflecting sun from the rather dominating high rise building was brilliant, but somehow I think it might lose something here, even if you click on the photo to embiggen it.


  1. Looks great, love the pinkish hue to the sky!

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Shades of Tiepolo here....but without the high rises!!!

  3. Love the photo. My little foray into removing word verification has ended, even though it is such a pain. Just had 10 notifications at once on my blog, so quickly put on moderation for a while. Ten identical bits of spam links from the same spammer.

  4. Fen, I did not even notice the sky when I took the photo. I was in a hurry as such a glint only lasts for seconds.

    JayLa, never heard of him, but I have now and I see what you mean.

    KN, I know some people, well me actually, really get heavily targeted. You deal with it as you will. You being a 'rel, I will make the extra effort :)

  5. If that's the view from your apartment Andrew, it's not half luck with the 'embiggening', it just doesn't appear pour moi!!

  6. It is our view Grace, well one of them. You can't just click on the photo and it gets bigger? It is working for me.


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