Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook Ads

I reckon it's the algorithms wat dun it. I remembered studying algorithms at school. Was in Pure Calculus or Applied Calculus? Maybe it was in Trigonometry. Did I actually do any of them? I must have, as at least one one of them was compulsory. Otherwise, I have no memory of them, except the fairly harsh and sarcastic teacher, Mr Robinson, who was fond of throwing chalk very hard at any student who appeared to be 'drifting off', and Stuart Bremner showing me his stiffie moving under his pants.

I didn't get past the first sentence before going off topic.

Yes, algorithms. I have a vague, possible wrong, idea about what they are in relation to computers. I expect Face Book has rather a lot of them.

Most have you might have picked up a tiny hint that I am gay. I'm subtle, I know. So why hasn't the all knowing, ruin your reputation for the rest of life, Face Book not? Targeting Face Book advertising seems to have worked out I am not married. It seems to know my age, yet it cannot work out that I am gay.

Now, if I meet someone my age and they have not been married and show no interest in girls, bells would be ringing and lights flashing.

Face Book, I confess to being gay. I am an open book. Everyone human seems to have worked it out, why can't you, you ever so clever algorithms? So you can now stop adding your targeting advertisements for straight meeting internet sites. It is really starting to  piss me orf. I don't want to meet girls for romance, although walking along the beach with a clever mature woman might be ok. Always good to keep the options open.

While I am at it, no Scruff, I do not want to meet old gay men. I have quite enough of those in my life too, thank you very much. 


  1. Although someone set up a Facebook page for me I have only looked at it about 3 times this year. I seem to have a lot of friends I've never met.

    People seem to talk a language I don't understand, full of references to Sims, pinterest, weird computer games and tags.

    I'm terrified some of the people chatting on line while I visit will try to talk to me or, worse yet, think I'm rude not to chat with them.

    Most of the written chatter seems to be about newborns, god, substances being shovelled into or excreted by newborns, god, and some while back, links to gay marriage campaign thingies.

    Just popped in now out of curiosity and an ad appeared about men looking for mature women.
    I feel slighted by the suggestion I have matured. What am I, formaggio parmegiano or something?

  2. FC, I have found some interesting groups in FB, like St Kilda Images and Stories, I got drunk at the Crystal Ballroom, Lost Gay Melbourne, Remembering Mandate. It is useful to keep up with what some of the family are up to, but I have a separate FB for that.

  3. I don't think I remember doing algorithms at school. I remember having a log (logarithm) book, but it may as have been the Dead Sea scrolls with hieroglyphic illustrations for all the sense it made to me. Then their was the slide rule. I had the line and length 12 inch ruler which sufficed for drawing straight (pardon the totally intended pun Shirl) lines in the sand.

    See your Mr. Robinson and raise you my Mr Robson who, when you got into strife, threatened to introduce you to his friend 'George', a bit of four by two. Then there was our geography teacher, Mr. Hall who specialised in 'burny burnies' which involved him rubbing the hair at the back of your head with the palm of his hand VERY hard and fast. Hurt like all get out.

  4. I gave up Facebook after a few weeks.

    The many mindless emails and stranger 'friend' requests drove me mad.

  5. LS, algorithms, logarithms, same diff. I have always found it useful to never draw a line in the sand, straight or otherwise.

    Lordy, we had a Robson too. I'll sleep on that and see if I can remember. Got it. It was not Robinson, it was Robson. Heavy facial fuzz, not that there is anything wrong with that pray the lord, gingerish, said math, not maths, balding. But he didn't do the hair thing.

    Victor, go back and look for Lost Gay Sydney. Lost Gay... started there and has spread world wide. You just take what you want from Facebook. I ignore game requests and people I don't know.

  6. I don't get ads coz I use an Adblock. Lucky me ;)

  7. Fen, I didn't even realise they were popups.

  8. They're not popups, just adblock makes them all blank, so down the side of my FB is blank spaces. I know coz if I log in from elsewhere they all appear again!

  9. I use adblock in Firefox too. Facebook ads can be so tactless - I did not enjoy being targeted for wrinkle creams, grey hair treatments (my hair isn't even grey yet!!) and "mature age" dating sites. booo.

  10. Ah Altissima. You made me laugh.