Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The late and great ABC radio broadcaster Peter Evans used to argue the point about unique. He would not tolerate any adjective to go with unique. It was either unique or it was not. Someone or something cannot be a little bit unique.  I would argue that something can be almost unique. He would argue, you can't be a little bit pregnant. You are either pregnant or you are not.

Apparently a United States Senator thinks you can you can be a little bit raped. In this case I don't think there is a qualifying adjective. Is there an opposite to being legitimately raped? Not properly raped? Weird huh. I won't lump all old white men into the picture, but a good many of them need to have a good hard look at themselves.

Rape victim, don't worry. The worst won't happen. The senator assures us that after taking advice from doctors that it is very unlikely that you will conceive from a sexual assault. Apparently your eggs go and hide until those nasty rape sperm critters die off.

We in Australia hear enough clangers from our own politicians, but I am not sure they go quite so far. I am thankful that the US has President Obama and via the internet, I know there are some very sensible people in the US.


  1. I cannot tolerate it when people modify "unique" either. But the reason I loathe right wing males is because they use language to downgrade a raped woman's sense of danger and humiliation.

    Abortion clinics know that raped women DO conceive often because the of non-preparedness. Rapists don't bother asking their victims if it is a safe time of the month or if she would like him to use a condom.

    I worked with Bertram Wainer for many years.

  2. The opinion is shocking and very offensive. It's good people are speaking out against it.

    It's sad for the women who have been raped. I mean it's sad that they've been raped period. Hearing something like that would make it only worse.

    Sadly, I'm sure some of the women have heard similar things from friends and family.

    I don't like to be nasty, but I hope the politician's political career is ruined by this.

  3. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground after hearing that outrageous statement this morning. His family must be so proud..not!!

  4. It's really scary that a stupid person can go as far as becoming an US senator. His remarks are the least of my concerns, since there are lots of people like him, with uneducated opinions, make decisions for US citizens.

  5. You can also be a little bit stupid but in his case completely brain dead and unfortunately not unique. They must put something in the water in America or print their Bibles with LSD ink.

  6. Who ever this US senator is he definitely needs to come out of his cave and into the real world.

  7. My father brainwashed me about the uniqueness of unique so I am with Peter Evans.

    I can't imagine what the US was thinking when he made his comment about rape. Maybe he can provide a rational explanation but I don't know what that might be.

  8. ugh, unfortunately his view is not uncommon as disgusting as it may well be :(

  9. Same old tired "I have daughters" rubbish. Hmm, where have I heard that before?
    Unfortunately, I don't have children so by that rule I'm not qualified to comment.

    Oh, wait a minute... I'm a female and he's not. Oh, wait a minute, most men are sane and he's not. So much for the abortion issue.

    Now, how does he define "legitimate" rape? Oh, wait a minute, I think he is only talking about women.
    Definitely represents the buckle in the Bible belt.

  10. Best totally unique [:0)] comment on this so far IMO. 'Tomorrow, Todd Akin explains that legitimate murders don’t cause death.'

  11. Martin11:40 am

    The good news is that he's not a Senator yet (if the post is referring to Todd Akin's comments).

  12. Hels, Mr Wainer is one of my minor heroes. I recall how he stood up to the authorities.

    Dina, his career may well be ruined, but I am sure he will retire in comfort. We muck up words at times, but words are not our job. The are a politicians. Beside, I won't wear that cop out that he was misunderstood.

    Grace, it really was jaw dropping. I couldn't believe it the first time I heard it, and I can be a bit slow on picking such things up at times.

    Mark, interesting site linked to your name. Stupid or not, he is a terrible embarrassment to his party and the US government. I didn't check, but is he from down south or one of the red neck areas?

    Jah Teh, love your work. Prize for the best comment.

    Windsmoke, I think you are right. They live for too long in a rarefied world and lose touch with reality.

    Victor, it must have been a thing that was important when Evans and your father was alive.

    Fen, on the positive side, look at the criticism heaped on him.

    FC, isn't it wonderful that men seem to have such a big say in what women do with their bodies. Buckle in the bible belt. I'll use that one day.

    LS, legit murder or not, we all know people cause death, not guns.

    Martin, I was a bit confused about whether he was a senator or as I initially heard, an aspiring one.

  13. Martin2:31 pm

    He's currently a Missouri Republican Congressman and nominee Senator gunning for the incumbent democrat.

  14. I fail to see how anyone in this day and age could possibly believe such rubbish. The man is a fool.

  15. Well Martin, I guess his ambitions could be called a fail.

    River, the man is a fool. How simply and effectively put.


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