Friday, August 24, 2012


This goes with this and that goes with that. Seems like an old tv ad that I can't remember and You Tube is not being helpful. Nothing goes with this analogue radio. It speaks about five seconds before the digital radios. (I remember now, an ad for the clothing store Suzanne)

Gloriously my bedside digital radio syncs with my portable digital radio which I use in my bathroom.

But this quite expensive digital radio does not go with the aforesaid digital radios. It seems to have superior processing power and brings the voice in less the a second earlier inferior processing power and brings in the voice less than a second later. As Victor has previously mentioned, it is rather annoying when you are moving from room to room and have more than one radio on.

Nevertheless, digital radio is marvellous and our ABC makes great use of it with umpteen stations to tune into. Today is the third anniversary of digital radio in Australia and it was celebrated in Melbourne by various radio stations broadcasting outdoors at Federation Square.

You can listen to Sydney blogger and ABC person James O'Brien chat to broadcaster Adam Spencer about digital radio by going to James' blog where there is sound file available.


  1. I remember the ad too. This goes with that at Suzaaaanne.

    I have a digital radio in my bedroom and an old one in my bathroom (the 'ghetto blaster' I bought when I was 16!), and the digital one is a second or so behind.

  2. Jayne, you are far too young to remember the ad. Are you sure only a second behind? Anyway, one second or five, you can't have them both on up loud.

  3. its the Sussan add...but some one beat me to it

  4. MC, you had Suzanne in far north NSW?

  5. I remember the Suzanne ad it was very annoying and once ya heard it first thing in the morning it got stuck in ya head for the rest of the day.

  6. It becomes an earworm Windsmoke. It certainly was one of those sort of tunes.