Friday, August 17, 2012

A Friday Laugh

Thief that I am, I have stolen this from Fruit Cake. It deserves to be spread widely. Gerard Hoffnung was born in Berlin to Jewish parents and attended school in England where initially because of the war, he remained.  He had the finest sense of timing of any comedian I have ever heard, as this piece recorded in 1958 illustrates perfectly. If you don't laugh, you are a misery.

The Bricklayer's Lament.


  1. Colin (HB)1:56 pm

    Thanks Andrew - that was hilarious and has improved my temper by 100% after having to deal with the GPO and Telstra this afternoon.
    All over one lost Olympic stamp!
    Maybe my lost stamp - the kayak one somehow got into the brick barrel???
    However what I did find out from Telstra after talking to a machine and about to be connected to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders legal advisors at Beenleigh!!! by a machine,(did you feel a slight tremor in Melbourne this afternoon as I hit the roof?) and then getting an equally useless person that the Brisbane Post Offices do not give their numbers to Telstra, I will again be joining a queue on Monday for one missing stamp.
    What has happened to the Federal Post Master General's Department?
    Which Minister is in charge of this now?
    So again on Monday at opening time, I will be in line before the OVER OFFICIOUS PR person comes out to invite people to use machines!
    99.9% refuse! A total waste of time by this smartly dressed woman!
    The Brisbane GPO has 4 people maning the front counter till 10.00am and there are 12 counters, the stamp shop has gone!
    Yep, send a few more 'funnies' like this, it will bring down my blood pressure!
    And this is called PROGRESS???
    I noted that you recalled Maitland and that another viewer has also vague recalls of long ago.
    Well Maitland now is the hub of the vineyards of the Hunter, and the Hunter River has levees in place so no longer the floods like in the 1950's. If anyone goes back check the heights of the river as marked on the rail station.
    Maitland is a very progressive city nowdays. Excellent facilities in hospitals etc. It ain't the Maitland of old.

  2. Thank you, I enjoyed that all over again. And at the end of the clip found a YT link to Letters from Tyrolean Landlords, which I'd never heard before. Excellent.

    Yes, his timing and a whole lot more were brilliant.

  3. Unsurprisingly I had a book of his illustrations way back when I was in short pants. The book was cheek by jowl in the bookshelf with those Ronald Searle. Joined at the hip illustrators.

  4. Robert Benchley is an American in the same territory.

  5. I could just imagine Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keating doing a skit like this one, very funny indeed.

  6. Hello Andrew:
    Happily, we laughed so cannot be described as a 'misery'!!

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  7. Colin, I could address each point you made, but I have a blog post to write. I suggest you address your complaints to the Post Master General.

    FC, as soon as I saw you mention Tyrolean Landlords, I wanted to check it, but the time is not appropriate.

    LS, he was an illustrator? I've add the YT clip to 'watch later'.

    Windsmoke, Chaplin was silent wasn't he. I know a little of Keaton and yes, he would have been good.

    JayLa, pleased to hear I have started your kellemes hétvégét! well. (Yes, I expect the grammar does not work)

  8. Oh thanks Andrew, I have been a misery but now am cured thanks to yourself and M Hoffnung hahaha!

  9. Pleased you are on the mend Grace.


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