Thursday, August 23, 2012

A day with Mother

Since R has 'retired', he has been taking Mother out each Thursday. But today he had a training course to do and it was my day off, so I had to step up to the crease.

Mother had three lists of what she wanted to do, or me to do. Clean hall mirror, check. Vacuum  and empty the the dust container of about one kilo of talcum powder, check. Tradie Brother's staff pruned Mother's roses, but not to her satisfaction. I know how to prune roses. I fixed them up. His pruning was almost ok, except he left the dead wood.

To the shops son.

Lunch at Vanilli. Very nice and cheap compared to Melbourne cafes for some great food and most excellent coffee. Instead of later taking Mother to Subway to buy her dinner, she saved half of her roast beef foccacia for dinner.

Walk across the road for medical prescriptions to be filled. I examined the mobility scooter in the window in great detail. I want one. It has electronic buttons and levers and LED lights and a dial for speed. It looked totally go fast and able to mow pedestrians down.

Drive to another chemist for Mother's blood pressure to be checked. She did not take her midday blood pressure medication. She knows full well that blood pressure medication takes a couple of weeks to work, but she wanted an instant result. Her fave chemist lass stuck her in the blood pressure taking room for her to relax, aka, the boxes of stock room, and forgot about her. When after sitting for 15 minutes playing with my phone, a staff member asked if I was waiting for something. That would be my mother who's blood pressure you are taking. Haha, they had forgotten about her in the box room. I continued to play with my phone until a staff member came and told me, 'she's gone thataway'. What an uncaring son I am. No wonder she prefers R to take her out.

Drive back to where we parked so she could go to the IGA Ritchie's supermarket to get some specials. It does save ABI Brother doing it on Friday night. I left her there and drove a distance to chemist warehouse for my own prescription to be filled. I had a couple of other things to get there, so it was good I was given a beeper to alert me to when my 'script was filled.

Perfect timing to return and collect Mother and her groceries. Take some lemons from the tree for R's voddys and diet coke son. I did and they were rather fine looking lemons and low on the tree to pick.

I drove home in storm and rain bursts. Interesting.

When I arrived at Mother's, she said she was nervous as she wanted to ask me something. Could I organise 'extras' for her health benefits that we children already pay. We've looked at this a few times already and concluded while it is worth it for Mother if we pay the premium, it is not financially sound. She has worked out a list of what she could get attended to if she had extras. I give up. I will do it. I suppose I will get money out of my siblings.

Sister terrifies Mother. I think it is a mother daughter thing that I don't understand. Sister would complain if Mother was not ready to go out or delayed for some reason for going out, so therefore she hid her nail polish down behind a cushion so that Little Jo would not want Nanny to paint her nails. Us boys tolerate Mother's dithering, but Sister will not. Have I mentioned Sister school teaches senior boys. Her school teacher bossiness does not work on me, but it does on Mother up to a point. Little Jo arrived and immediately pulled away cushions and asked Nanny why she had hidden her nail polish.

I noticed Mother only had two ciggies today while I was in her company. Her bestie is giving up and is down to ten a day. Never too late I suppose.


  1. OMIGOD! How exhausting ... but a mobility scooter race would take those stress levels WAAAAY down!! Pilchard wants the 4WD All terrain scooter he saw in a magazine somewhere! Cool, huh?!

  2. Time and energy are precious; I understand perfectly why delays and dithering are a bit annoying to your sister.

    But I must admit that repetitive speech is the most annoying of all. As people age, they seem to reduce their topics of conversation until the same old stories and questions are repeated over and over again.

  3. Not so exhausting for me Red. Mother moves at an excruciatingly slow pace, and always has. What fun we have to look forward to in our old age, mobility scooter races.

    Hels, she started the repetition of stories years ago. Not much of the outside world filters into her life, unless it written in a magazine or mentioned on commercial tv news.

  4. Genuinely shocked that my comment was deleted.

  5. If time and energy are too precious to spare on your mother you're not much of a human being.

  6. Well, there's always the Final Solution.

  7. Its a hard one guys look after your Mum least she has you...sadly I know too many who have that is sad

  8. MC, the thought of not doing what we have to do for Mother never enters our minds. She was a good mother when we were young. How could we deny her.