Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A bad day on the trams

I turned on a Twitter feed for Yarra trams a few weeks ago and this by far the worst day since. I also heard that City Link inbound from the east was closed for a few hours, which no doubt affected route 8 with extra traffic in Toorak Road. If the tram system was like this daily, I would be turning my phone off.

Monday, 27/08/12

7.18 St Kilda Road disruption cleared (it was a car accident blocking north bound trams into the city, so the wireless informed me. We later saw the sand covering spilt oil)

9.19 Disruption to routes 3 and 16 cleared. Trams running again in Carlisle Street. (I don't know about that one. Would have been diverted via Dandenong Road but there was more to come)

11.46 Routh 3, 16 and 67 diverting via Dandenong Road in both directions due to damaged overhead wires at Chapel and Carlisle.

12.13 Route 19 trams terminating at Bell Street due to car accident blocking tracks.

12.29 Route 19 trams back to normal.

12.42 Route 67 back to normal. 3 and 16 still diverting via Dandenong Road.

12.43 Route 1 and 8 disrupted by a defective tram in Lygon Street.

1.18 Route 1 and 8 back to normal.

1.45 Route 3 and 16 back to normal but St Kilda Road south bound trams diverting via Sturt Street and Kingsway due to a defective tram. (no all clear about this one)

4.00 Route 109 and 112 diverting via Latrobe Street due to accident in Macarthur Street.

4.53 Route 109 and 112 back to normal.

Tuesday morning, massive disruption to Swanston Street trams because of a union picket, yet Twitter has remained silent.


  1. At least you have a mechanism for notification to travellers via their mobile phones. I'm not aware of any equivalent here apart from the traveller having to ring a number, then quote a bus stop code, to receive a message when the next bus is due at that stop. No automatic notification about diversions here as far as I am aware.

  2. Someone somewhere thinks hi tech is more important than common sense. If they can devote resources to twitter, why can't a station platform have sign with the truth on it?

    The old green [w class??] trams were unreliable. At least once a week I had to walk home to Coburg. I was less overweight then, but no way am I walking from the city to Frankston. I need my nana naps on the way home these days.

  3. Victor, I was reading today for it to be nothing for six buses for one route arrive at the same time. I suppose because buses can go around a crash or a broken down bus, passenger notification is not quite so critical.

    FC, your comment about the unreliability of the old trams is absolute heresy to those who say things were much better then. They weren't. Good point about the train sign.