Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Evil Innernet

I have just learnt from Face Book that R's brother in law's twin sister who lives on a farm in northern England has at the age of nearly seventy has given up smoking and is now addicted to Angry Birds.

She lived a fairly isolated life on the farm with an alcoholic husband who drinks until he virtually passes out, then repeats this twice more during twenty four hours without there being any particularly timing. It is sad to see, especially as in his few lucid hours he is an interesting person to talk to. I recall him showing me the remains of a Roman road running through their farm. (Yes I like whiskey Johnny, but not at eleven in the morning and even though you have poured me a very large glass and you are insisting, I just am not going to drink it)

His wife looks after him without criticism. She knows he is a hopeless case and he probably won't live for much longer. Fortunately she drives, so she can get about at least.

But what has made her life has been the internet and having a computer. She Skypes with family, uses FB and plays games. She changes her profile photos often and puts up other photos. It has been truly remarkable thing for her.

We are often so focused on the negatives about the internet, we fail to appreciate what a wonderful thing it really is and how it must have turned so many lives around for the better.


  1. Amen to that!

    My dad became unemployed because of ill health and retired earlier than he thought was necessary. An even worse event was not having his driver's licence extended.

    Thank the good lord for the Internet. Otherwise he would have gone insane. Daytime tv is mind numbing :(

  2. I don't play internet games, I'm not good at them, hand-eye co-ordination just isn't quick enough. I need time to study the screen and the options and by the time I've done that it's too late, the game has moved on.
    Besides, if I did start playing, I'd never leave the house, heck I probably wouldn't ever leave the couch.

  3. Yay, good on her!
    Damned pleased to hear an interwebs tale that didn't involve unlimited betting and bankruptcy.

  4. Agree. I'm a big fan of www - blogging has opened up my world personally and professionally and my dad joined FB so that he could talk to his grandkids.

    It sure beats sitting down to handwrite an aerogramme once a week!

  5. Hels, that is a perfect example. No one is too old to learn to use the internet.

    Nor do I River. I can't be bothered and they don't interest me. While not in the age bracket I was thinking of, you seem to be self taught in matters of the net and it gives you a connection with the outside world that you would not have otherwise had.

    Jayne, think of how it has enriched your life. Hey, you got to know me. :-P

    Kath, that is one area where older people need to be careful with the net. I don't have too much to do with my older nieces and nephews on FB. I don't want their cool friends asking them, who is the stupid old dude? The internet and later blogging made a huge change to my life, but not always good. I rarely sit down and properly read anymore and many tv shows I only half watch.

  6. God bless the Internet.

  7. Rubye, you probably inspired the post.

  8. I love playing Angry Birds but mum can't get the hang of getting the slingshot to go the right way. An ipad for her has her reading her favourite books again without pain in her arthritic hands but I'm not connecting her to the internet. The nurses at the home download books to their iPhones then transfer to her iPad, works out well.

  9. Seniors around the world are enjoying a second youth and extending their brain power through the wonders of the computer and internet.

  10. Jah Teh, I wish you happy birthday, even though you clearly have a lust for blood sports. Who would have thunk that your Ma would be using an Ipad.

    Victor, I expect for some older male users, they have discovered that the internet can extend more than just their minds, perhaps much to their surprise.

  11. I rather like the internet, I enjoy reading blogs and perusing things mindlessly. It was especially good when I was stuck at home.

  12. No surprise there Fen.