Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seb and Si

Isn't Sebastian just a grand name? Of course my mind immediately goes to Brideshead Revisited, but this is a different Sebastian.

I am speaking of the Chairman of the London Olympic Games organising committee, Baron, or Lord if you like, Sebastian Newbold Coe. He has come to being known as Seb Coe, which rather sounds like a floor cleaning mop to me.

The other English person who I have noticed on our screens of late is Simon Cowell, a judge in Britain's Got Talent and for some reason I see them as connected. But Ssssimon is not known as Si Co, for obvious reasons.

What have these two in common? Nothing that I know of, except I think they may share the same plastic surgeon and botox supplier. Most males in the fifties do not have such tanned and tight faces. Nor do they have such excellent hair.

This is a rather scary photo of a young Simon Cowell. Si Co assures everyone he is not gay and suggests that there is no reason to deny it if he was. So therefore we can only conclude Si Co is definitely not gay.

No, I prefer a real man rather than a petulant pursed lipped queen. This chap, David Cameron, Prime Minister of England surely fills the real man bill. Shall I call him Day Cam and his wife Samantha, Sam Cam?

And just to wrap, in breaking news, the foppish Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnston, has had his hair cut short, lest it catches alight while he is carrying the Olympic torch. Dear Bo Jo. He is such a card. Don't you just love a Tory buffoon.


  1. My abbreviated nomenclature would be Vi Ba. Sounds like a silent movie Queen. (That would be fitting.)

  2. LOL mine would be Fen Han or Fe Ha!

    Growing up I had a cat called Sebastian, it was a girl, go figure. My parents must've thought it was a boy!

  3. Andrew!
    Possibily with this lot running the London games, it may end up a disaster. After all they couldn't get the security right and had to call in the military!
    I wouldn't worry myself about their "hairdoes" or tans, I would be more concerned what is between the ears!!!
    I think if you do a check-up of the four backgrounds, you will find that "Eton" may crop up. The college for the "foffs" or is that "toffs? ???
    I do have the video of "Brideshead Revisited" - a brilliant movie.
    Between Eton and Cambridge University, there has been more than one strange person emerge.
    "The Cambridge Five" being a good example!

  4. Is Boris related to Clint Eastwood's offsider in 'Every Which Way But Loose'?

  5. Ha. Yes, I'm with you on Seb Coe sounding like a mop.

    And Si Co. Teehee.

    I'd be Ja Ma...sounds a bit like sleeping attire.

  6. Hello Andrew:
    We have known of your penchant for abbreviated names for some time. JALA comes to mind!!

  7. Wasn't Sebastian Coe a gold medalist in athletics in time gone by? It could be that the media photographers touch up their photos to make their skin look clean and tight.
    I take my wrinkles out fix my teeth and TOH gives himself more hair in our photos. (only joking)

  8. Victor, or the brand name of a vibrator.

    I like Fen Ha. I would not want to be on the street called for a cat named Sebastian.

    Colin, clearly they aren't fools. The Cambridge Five were the spies?

    Ls, it took me a while, but yes.

    Ja Ma Jayne. Hey I like that even better.

    JayLa, is seemed so obvious. JayLo are US celebs, although I forget who they are now. JayLa are Euro celebs.

  9. Diane, indeed Seb did. I am not so sure about Coe but Cowell has had plenty of treatments. (now to be utterly ingratiating) Wrinkles? I haven't noticed any. Given you have just turned 50....

  10. I'd be El Han, which sounds odd and can't mean anything.
    I have a teddy bear named Sebastian, I bought him years ago at Christmas, he wears a velvet waistcoat, but he's lost his Christmas cap. The grandkids played with him for years, now he sits in a corner.

  11. River, give Sebastian a cuddle tonight when you go to bed. I'd be And Cam.

  12. Anonymous11:29 pm

    I also used to have a cat called Sebastian! He was a lovely, good-natured, ginger and white cat. V.

  13. Boris is hilarious indeed - we watch UK telly here, so he's a regular feature. Rather scary to think that he's the mayor of London!

  14. I had a pussy cat called Lily who was really a Lionel, even when I found out she was a he, it was too late she/he (confused yet) was always Lily! I guess I'd be GraFo, has a bit of a 'rapper' ring to it oui!!

  15. V, I am astonished at the naming of cats Sebastian. How did you make it affectionate? Sebby?

    Kath, hopefully he can't do too much damage as Mayor. I thought Red Ken had lost the plot at election time.

    Grace. Lily good. Lionel not, regardless of sex. I rather like Graffo.

  16. Anonymous9:12 pm

    You got it in one - Sebby or occasionally, Seb. I'm not sure why I named him Sebastian. It was the first name that popped into my head that stuck. And I think it suited him. V.