Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our father, who paints art in our heaven.

I started a comment to an English person's blog post, stating that Australia is a secular country and England is not, because HRH is their boss and she swears allegiance to the Church of England. I couldn't make the comment because I recalled that our parliamentarians take an oath on the bible when they are sworn in.

That it is standard that our politicians by default swear allegiance to the christian religion troubles me greatly. There are alternatives, but they have to be chosen. We are told we live in a secular country, so why is swearing on the christian bible a default position?

Christianity may be white person's history in Australia but it certainly isn't our first people's history.  Now with so many Australians having different religions and many long many generation Australians having no religion at all, surely it must be time to change this anachronism. My vocabulary is limited and I can't think of the right word, but isn't this isolating to a prospective politician who is not a christian? Don't ever think that because we aren't like America where christian churches have huge power that it couldn't happen here, or that our politics are not already influenced strongly by the christian churches.


  1. Jayden2:31 pm

    I agree that Christianity has become the face of all we must obey. Easter, Christmas and the like. While fine in their purest forms without religion based bias, should be all buy Easter eggs and Tinsel. No-carbon tax polluting the air; excess UNFAIRNESS polluting our minds. I understand your views and I wish you well.

  2. Greetings from Spain.

    Good post. The reason we have a separation of church and state is not only because some people aren't Christian. I would want a very clear separation of the two, even if I WAS Christian.

  3. Anonymous7:52 pm

    As an aside, I was pleased to hear the Girl Guides of Australia have dropped 'God and the Queen' from their promise. It was something I struggled with in Scouts, so I think it was high time to update the promise. V.

  4. Ruben8:34 pm

    Unite and fight. Her Majesty has been on the throne for many years PROUDLY sponsored by Sorbent. We shall overcome one day?

  5. I also read somewhere that Parliamentary sessions start with prayers, although I'm not sure exactly what prayers. I'm guessing they don't run through a list of prayers to cover religions other than Christian.

    This whole thing irks me too.

  6. I don't see how swearing on the bible is any different than making a promise to do the best you can. Same thing in court, hand on the bible, I swear to tell the truth etc, it wouldn't mean any less just swearing to tell the truth without the hand on the bible. Theoretically, God is still listening, still observing and will still smite you down should you lie. Of course many lie anyway and get away with it, so everything I've just said means nothing.

    1. Jayden10:11 pm

      Good one bro.

  7. Yeah. I think stuff like that should be Australia and America.

  8. Jayden, christianty was what we had to obey, in our past. But not now. I am happy to celebrate christmas and easter as cultural festivals...and who wants to lose holidays.

    Wow Hels, you are there. I was wondering when. Don't forget to enjoy the people as well as the kulcha. All religions have similar ideals as christian. They are the framework for society, but the base is no longer needed.

    Glad you picked that up V. The protests have minimal, and why should they not be so.

    Ah, Euro traveller Ruben. Think of her as a benign cancer. No treatment required. The body will heal itself.

    Jayne, indeed they do. I had forgotten that. Just so inappropriate.

    River, if you could get a handle on what people believe in and have faith in, you could adjust the oath. But isn't swearing on the life of my mother a pretty good one?

    Cheers Jayden.

    Well Dina, I think it might happen here before it happens in our country.

  9. I know you're an atheist and the reason for it.
    I couldn't care.
    I feel myself drawn towards Islam, Christianity becoming more and more timid.

  10. RH, I am not sure that I am an atheist. I am religion hater. When you take the veil, let me know.

  11. You seem bitter, suddenly disappointed.

  12. I expect nowt, so I am never disappointed.

  13. If you're never disappointed you've stopped breathing.