Thursday, July 05, 2012

I have returned

This morning I have woken with condensation on the inside of my bedroom window instead of condensation on the outside of our hotel room windows. I am not sure how that works. Cold and dry inside in our hotel. Hot and steamy outside. Home is warm and dryish inside and cold and dry outside. Curious. (Exaggeration number one, there is no condensation on my window this morning, but sometimes there is, and I wrote this before going to bed)

Will you join me for my slide night of Malaysia? The best thing about my posts of Malaysia and the many photos is that they will get briefer as the days go on, if it follows the norm of my recounting of our holidays. I'll be over it before you will be.

Malaysia was not as we expected. I am not un-learned about foreign countries, but its sophistication  surprised me. I will probably focus on more of the negative and whingeing, and isn't that human nature? The positives I noted abounded and that is what surprised me.

But, I am very happy to be home. You will never hear me bragging about Australia and I won't stop complaining about things in Australia, however, at the end of the day, in the fullness of time, when the manure hits the fan or you are floating in a sewerage pond without a paddling implement, it is not such a bad place.

In Malaysia things work differently, but by and large, they work.

Btw, missed youse all. (Exaggeration number two. I still read what you wrote)


  1. Welcome back! I did wonder why the feed was not updated.

  2. Malaysia is a boring country. I don't want to see pictures and postings of the stupid place.

    Returning to waffle about it is the only reason most people travel.

  3. Who's this R.H. person, such a cheery fellow...

  4. "You will never hear me bragging about Australia". Quite right. Unthinking, noisy nationalism is insensitive to outsiders and meaningless to insiders. It drives me nuts when tv ads for the Olympic Games spout nationalist sentiment that suggests we are perfect, always were, always will be.

  5. So is Malaysia good enough for offshore processing of refugees?

  6. Yay!
    You're home again!!!

  7. RH, it is anything but boring, like the place or not.

    Peter, it is attention seeking. I took some special photos for your benefit but they won't be published for a few days.

    Hels, we will certainly be in for some nationalism over the Olympic period.

    AdRad, it certainly is. Not sure why they would not want to stay there.

    We are Jayne as of midnight. My stored Malaysian heat kept me warm until about an hour ago. But suddenly, jesus it's cold.

  8. Michael, for some reason your comment went to the spam folder. I just rescued it. Thanks.

  9. Telling the truth will always get you attention.
    I've found out without trying.

    Many folk would not like to stay in Malaysia. For one thing, the justice system is rather inconvenient; it hangs people.

  10. welcome back. glad you were warm for a bit. that's what holidays are for.

    zero degrees tonight where I am.
    X X

  11. It's not that I'm against hanging people, there's many crimes I'd apply it to, child molestation at the top.

    Animal cruelty next; sadists must be gotten rid of.

  12. Nationalism is a diseased rat.

    This country has as many shit people as any other.

  13. Okay?

    That's all.

    Talk to my lawyer.

  14. I think you should have a slide night at your house, I'd come!
    Barring that, course I'd love to see your photos on ze blog.

    Oh and welcome back x

  15. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Welcome home! I want to hear all about your trip and see the slides. V.

  16. I'd forgotten you were going to Malaysia! Welcome home. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.
    Window condensation works the same as steam on the bathroom mirror. Warm steamy shower air hits cold mirror and condenses. Ergo-warm bedroom air hits cold window and condenses.

  17. RH, you know me as a leftie chardy latte sipper, so of course I am against capital punishment. But if you don't start being a bit sensible for a while, I will ignore you. There is a time to focus the person but there is also a time to focus on the content.

    Ah, the most wonderful Ann. I like being cold at times, and then you can get warm. The heat and humidity were relentless.

    Fen, I could not bother to organise a slide night nor host one. I would hand the details over to R, so there is no danger that we will meet in such circumstances, not matter how much I think I would like to meet you on some neutral ground.

    Cheers Vik. Clearly you will hear two, nay three sides of the story. Mine, R's and my blog.

  18. Geez River. You are a wonder. That explains it. Warm steamy air on the outside of the hotel and cold windows, because of the aircon, on the inside. Why could I not connect up a steamed up bathroom mirror.

  19. Ah, so that explains your absence. Photos please!

  20. Kath, if you were a caring and sharing person, you would have picked up in my posts about my forthcoming absence. Your are such a hard nosed chick even though I am back.. I will make you suffer by posting even more photos or Malaysia.

  21. Well just say the word and we can find some neutral ground to ponder over!

  22. Aha "youse" I got the cane for using that word when i was eight...bloody hell...our family used it why would I not think it was a word -

  23. I checked every day but you weren't there and just when I didn't were back. Magic!

  24. Happy homecoming Andrew, personally I think that one of the best things about holidays is that they make you appreciate your own country more..except when I have to come back from Paris, then I just want to cry!!!! Looking forward to hearing all your travel tales, bring it on!

  25. Cool Fen.

    MC, yes, it is a bad bad word and I think I may have copped it as a kid for using it.

    Poof Victor! Really!

    Cheers Grace.

  26. I'm glad you've returned safe and sound.


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