Monday, July 23, 2012


I am rather fond of gadgets. I ohh and ahh at large hardware stores, in electronic and computer shops and where there are walls of kitchen gadgets. I mostly resist the buying urge but sometimes I fail.

This cute little camera tripod cost $2 in the city Reject shop. It is only plastic of course but it works fine. The question remains as to whether I will ever use it. No, I shan't be making home movies of a questionable nature to upload anonymously to the world wide web.

We were at one of the big shed hardware stores to buy.....something, I forget what, and I was distracted by torches. Our present torch uses two D sized batteries which eventually go flat even if the torch is not used. We've had it for a couple of decades I guess. I thought an LED one would be good and they were cheap enough.  I was looking at a $6 model and a passing salesman, with the emphasis on sales, said, 'Don't bother with that. Get that one over there'. He pointed to a stand with torches priced at $16. 'Up to you', he said, 'but you will never have to bother with batteries again. It will see you out'. Well!!!

They were wind up torches. What fun. It works really well. The winding handle folds out and wind away you do. If fully wound, it can last for five hours. Little Jo is in charge of torch winding when she visits.

While our power supply here is very secure, not entirely though, a torch is necessary for trying to read things on the back of tvs, computers and more. I am normally not bad with in and out, but my age is showing and I struggle at times. That bit of extra light means I can instantly see which socket says in and which says out. Many is the time I have been frustrated by plugging into the wrong hole.

I might sound like a radio talk back topic, but do you have a slightly obscure or very useful gadget you use that I might find interesting? Bean slicers. Now they were all the go once.  I've not seen one, but I have heard there is gadget to remove the shell from prawns. I bought a cd cleaning kit once. It was used once and failed to repair a damaged cd. Mother had made a bit of a profit at her garage sales from our gadgets that were never used. Two sales ago Sister asked, wasn't that the lettuce spinner I gave you for christmas? Guilty.We like our lettuce gently patted dry.


  1. It's amazing what you find when you're not looking for it.
    I love that plastic tripod Andrew ... In fact I'm going to try and find one. Would be great for sunset from the sea-shore captures.

  2. Dianne, by your photos you have a pretty steady hand. I certainly don't, so that is why I thought it might be useful. But yes, I think it would be good for what you suggest.

  3. I gave away my most favourite gadget when I no longer had a use for it. Until this weekend that is. Then I wanted my herb mill back. Never mind, scissors will do the trick!!

  4. The tripod is a good investment. My favourite gadget is a wide plastic thingy a bit like a big bottle opener. And that is what it does. You know how hard it is to unscrew jars when they haven't been opened. This gadget sits on the lid and grabs underneath the rim and pops up the lid and releases the vacuum and then the lid is easy to unscrew.

  5. Useful gadget? I have a cherry pitter. I bought it when I still had a cherry tree. I use it every Christmas when I buy a kilo box of cherries, I pit the lot all at once so I can mindlessly munch without breaking a tooth. I suppose it would work for olives too, but I buy those already pitted and sliced, just for pizza.
    I'm going to have to check our local reject shop for a camera tripod.

  6. A herb mill Fen.I remember that!!! We had one too. Wonder what happened to it.

    Diane, we have two of those in the drawer. A big one and a small one. We have given them to Mother too. They do work well.

    River, I must have a cherry pitter. I must have one. Um, cherries always taste a bit sour to me. Perhaps I buy the wrong cherries.

  7. The wind up torch is one of the greatest inventions EVER!!! And you have to live in Adelaide to get the best out of a cherry pitter (cherry jam is the BEST).

    And my fold-up round combination hair-brush/mirror unit is dynamite when travelling!!

    I don't own a pair, but I rather fancy the lawn aerator sandals I've seen advertised a few times. They're sandals with spikes on the soles that will aerate your lawn just by walking around on it! How good is that??

  8. Anonymous11:31 pm

    A few months after the big earthquake last year, wind-up torches were on sale. But they're not just torches, they have radios and a USB port to power up computers and/or mobile phones. They're quite nifty really and as light as a feather. And yes, I have one! V.

  9. That's a coincidence.

    I too prefer being patted dry to being spun.

  10. Red, those lawn aerating shoes sound fantastic. Now if I had a lawn....

    V, I am impressed. I have heard of wind up radios but not all combined and charging your phone or computer.

    Nice one Victor.

  11. Nooooo! Red and Andrew, don't get the spiky lawn shoes, I fell for that one, they're rubbish..but at the same time I've never laughed so much, you kind of sink into the lawn easily enough, it's the getting back out that's the tricky and incredibly hilarious part!!

  12. A design problem Grace. Wouldn't stilettos do the job?