Friday, July 27, 2012


These private transport companies in Melbourne really like their spin.

Yarra Trams now want their drivers to work for ten hours instead of eight hours. Tram drivers work in in a high pressure job and I don't like the idea of them working for ten hours rather than eight, whether the drivers like the idea or not. Ten hours behind the 'wheel' in heavy traffic and passengers coming and going all day sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Yarra Trams describe it as family friendly policy. Bad idea Yarra Trams. Should trams start crashing into each other, I am sure it won't be the fault of driver's longer hours. It will be driver error.

Metro Trains have dropped the specific train delay indicator from their website. They seem to longer give out information to media about late running trains. Their website now offers an opinion on how well the different lines are running. I've checked the website several times over a few days and I have not see anything else but, 'good service' on all lines. Apparently, if I heard correctly, even if a train is cancelled, if it is only one, the website will still say good service. What absolute rubbish. Metro Trains are clearly trying to make their service look better than what it actually is, at the expense of passengers knowing about specific things that may affect them.

What is the Department of Transport doing? Why aren't they intervening in what might be unsafe driving hours for tram drivers. Why isn't it ensuring we are given adequate and accurate information about our train service?

Are you ever surprised at how Metro Trains and Yarra Trams meet such high performance figures? I have been told how it is done and it is sheer doctoring both up and down through the management hierarchy.  Every level of management, and there are many, change definitions of problems so that things appear in the statistics to look so much better than they are.

Three months after making a complaint, well more a query, to Metro Trains, I received a reply. I will tell you about that another time.


  1. It's all Orwellian double-speak. Sickening, really.

  2. That's the way the cookie crumbles. So much for freedom of information.

  3. Privatisation should never, ever have happened. That's my two cents' on the subject.

  4. I am with Kath.

    Privatisation leads to overstating good performances, lying about bad performances, exploitation of workers and profit-making fees. Profit making for management, I mean :(

  5. It is odd FC as they know we know it is, yet still it goes on.

    Diane, things have become tied up, in spite of FOI.

    Kath, privatisation works well for governments, but not customers.

    Exactly Joseph. Ultimately there is one winner, that is the private companies.

  6. What happened to the 8 hour day our grandparents were awarded so long ago - based on 8 hours for working, 8 for sleeping and 8 for everything else - made sense to me

  7. Surely truck drivers are not allowed to work ten hour shifts? It wouldn't seem to be at all safe for tram drivers to have to do it.
    Privatisation was never aimed at better service- it was all a sham to allow profit-taking by mates of the government, here and on your side of the Tasman.

  8. Ten hours is horrendous, especially when you have to concentrate over that length of time. Ridiculous.

  9. You tell me MC. Australians work very long hours.

    Well KN, it may be with breaks. I don't know the details. You've certainly had you own bad experiences with privatisation. Oddly, perhaps as here, wasn't it Langy who set the wheels in motion.

    For sure Fen.

  10. The official 'on time' statistics of the NSW trains is a bit of a joke. A train is regarded as being 'on time' even if it is late just as long as it not later than an elastic and ever increasing delay period.

  11. I think our trains have to be six minutes late before they are actually late. Pathetic.