Saturday, June 16, 2012

We'll grab this one for our own use

I expect I mention our ABC too often. You can guess I am very fond of our ABC. If you are a foreign type, ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, earlier Commission. It is funded entirely by the government and its own enterprise. It receives nothing like the funding that the BBC in Britain receives, yet our ABC does rather well in so many areas.

Each of our state capitals has its own ABC local radio station, as do many of our regional areas. On top of that is ABC FM, a classical music station; Triple JJJ, an alternative youth music station; Radio National, for the more arty and intellectual types; Radio Australia for broadcasting on shortwave principally to Asia and the Pacific. There is even more broadcast on the digital radio service and it appears I have forgotten about tv! Four digital tv stations and one simulcast analogue station and a music station. Oh yes, our overseas television station too.

I am horrified, as I expect Jon Faine would be, but it seems ABC local radio's station ABC Melbourne's presenter, Jon Faine, is the grandfather of morning prime time ABC local radio. He competes closely with commercial radio stations of a similar ilk, doing well even against young peoples' music stations. He outrates any other ABC local radio station presenter. He is clever and learned, and I detect a certain arrogance about him, and I would not want anything less. False modesty is not a quality to be admired in high achievers.

This post has gone way off the path of being a brief background of our ABC.

De Faino on ABC Melbourne is not perfect though. He has forgotten the golden rule of media, that is to ensure the person who replaces you when you are on leave is not as good as you. He walked a tight rope with Ali Moore.

She is a smart, quick thinking and a well rounded broadcaster.  Her area of expertise is business, and just maybe, I have detected a slight pro business leaning. But if it is so hard to detect, then she must be pretty balanced. Whatever, she is a great radio broadcaster and it was a pleasurable two weeks listening to her.

Should Faine call it quits I reckon our ABC should offer Ali Moore a decent sum to drag her back from Singapore and host ABC Melbourne's Mornings.


  1. You didn't mention Newsradio os one the ABC's radio services.

  2. when did the ABC become a Corporation? I thought they were still a Commission.
    I'm not a big fan of the ABC, I don't have the necessary kulcha to appreciate their offerings.

  3. I might be more appreciative of the Auntie's radio shows once La Gina gets hold of Fairfax, though I find myself wondering why I bother with the Age anymore anyway.
    In the meantime, we are enjoying Miss Fisher's murder mysteries on DVD - a couple of notches above the average poor standard of television. Don't think I've seen anything so delightfully camp since Joanna Lovely romped around with John Steed.

  4. Victor, how could I have left out the BBC relay station.

    River, the seventies I think it changed to corporation. There is something for everyone at our ABC.

    FC, perhaps we need to look at Indie Media? I haven't checked it yet, but might have to one Mr Rabbit strangles the ABC. So you like Pats? JL is attractive, smart and interesting.

  5. ... timely this post, Andrew as we were just looking longingly at some digital radios because I don't like listening via the computer.

    (Takes down ALi Moore's name for future reference)

  6. Kath, I love the tech aspect of digital radios and that there is no static, but I don't actually like the digital sound much. It sounds slightly strangled, or maybe compressed is the right word.

  7. Yup am an ABC fan also, love Joanna Lumley and bought and rejected a digital radio..blimey I think we may just be on the same 'wavelength' Andrew!!

  8. Wavelength Grace? Oh, that's clever.

  9. Yep I like Ali too, though I seem to be having a break from the radio, I keep forgetting to turn it on. I've changed my habits!

  10. Ah Fen, you are so versatile. I haven't changed my habits for three decades.