Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sydney Trams #472

I recently happened along a heap of Sydney tram photos. There seems to be a lot more photos of Sydney's old trams around that there is of Melbourne's. Perhaps the reason is that people knew the trams would disappear from Sydney's streets, whereas Melbourne's were there to stay.

Here are a few I picked out because I reckon Victor will know something about the locations.

Later edit: Victor most kindly went out and took some photos of the same eastern suburb locations. You can see them here.

I believe this is Bayswater Road in Rushcutters Bay. What might the dominant building be? Where are the secondary tram tracks coming in from on the left of the photo?

Just captioned Paddington. The park looks kind of familiar. I think Oxford Street at perhaps Ocean Street? If it is, the building of the Sydney Einfeld Drive must changed the area rather a lot.

This one is is Edgecliff Road, I should think south of Queen Street. In your own time Victor for a then and now, no rush.

Pant's old stomping ground, Victoria Road in Drummoyne, is well out of Victor's area so I don't expect him to know anything about this scene. Victoria Road has recently acquired the status of Sydney's slowest road. Compare the tranquil scene above to the Sydney Tele's photo of what the road looks like now. Such a good idea to get rid of trams from Sydney streets and get the traffic moving without those slow old anachronisms blocking up everything. Melbourne, having retained its trams, is so much better off. Although, the scene below would be the same in Melbourne, except with a couple of trams stuck in the traffic too.


  1. The top photo is taken at the old tram depot which is out of pic to the left. The depot was replaced by a bowling alley, then a hotel and now a newer hotel.

    I don't recall what the building to the right was but it has been replaced by a block of units which sit next to the Eastern Suburbs railway which did not exist then and runs above ground ut of pic to the right.

    The second photo looks like Oxford Street at Paddington at the turn off to the Cricket Ground and Football Stadium and is a few kilometres away from Sid Einfeld Drive. There is pub mid photo left that still exists.

    The third photo is indeed Edgrecliff Road. I live a couple of kilometres down that road to the west; i.e. going back into the photo. I think the intersection at the back of the photo is Wallis Street.

    And I certainly do know Victoria Road Drummoyne as I used to drive through it three times a week to visit my mother at her nursing home and I still drive it once a week to do volunteer work at the same home. Yes, the traffic is just as you see it in the bottom photo at peak hours except that the centre barrier is moveable and when I am driving 'against the traffic' at 9am the left outbound lanes are reduced to two and the right inbound lanes are increased to four. They are three and three when I return at 2.30pm and presumably the reverse 2 and 4 lanes in the evening.

  2. PS, The Paddington photo is at the intersection of Greens Road with Oxford Street. Victoria Barracks are out of pic to the right.

  3. PPS, As a 7 year old I travelled alone by tram between our home at Potts Point (south of Kings Cross) and my school in Edgecliff at the top of the hill in the far distance of your photo.

  4. Fabulous old pics, Andrew and thank you to Victor for placing them :)
    Is it too Pollyanna-ish to think the bumper to bumper might be a tad less if trams were used? Yes, probably, the holy motor car rules all.

  5. The trams pictures speak of slower, more peaceful times. The bumper to bumper traffic of today is awful, but people have become so used to travelling in their own little bubble, with the aircon and music or talk shows they like, no jostling, bumping or crowding as is found on public transport, not to mention a bus load of folks with questionable hygiene can sometimes smell pretty bad.

  6. I'd love to visit Sydney at the time of the trams for a glimpse of it, as the photo brings a harsh dose of today's reality!

  7. Hello Andrew:
    Although we do not of course know the areas, we are always interested in old photographs of places. To that end, we collect old postcards of Budapest.

  8. Victor, I will study your replies in detail tomorrow, but isn't PP kind of west of KC?

    Jayne, never mind a tram, a big railway line is needed, like we need one to Doncaster and Monash Uni.

    River, transpose your experience on buses to our trams. Much the same. Having driven in Adelaide in peak traffic, it is nothing like Melbourne's traffic. For a start your car drivers are better. This may be to do with immigration levels.

    Kath, catching the tram to Bondi Beach via Bellevue Hill would have been magical. The tram twisted and turned, up hill and down dale, and over bridges. We caught the bus to Watson's Bay and it followed the old tram route. Even just the bus ride was amazing.

    JayLa, great about the cards. You are perhaps more interested in Budapest's history than the locals are. It takes people like you to keep history recorded and available for the future.

  9. I still have a mini panic when I have to make decisions around trams - I think I know the rules but if the traffic gets hectic like it was in the city the day of the teachers' strike - hope I know what to do - glad I wasn't driving then -it was total chaos

  10. MC, I just stay away from them on the roads.

    Victor, so the RB photo is taken looking east with the depot on the left, which is where the tram tracks lead.

    Paddo photo is also looking east, with the tracks into Greens Road, mostly used for Randwick Races.

    Edgecliff Road photo, you are absolutely correct, as I can see with street view. The road paving tells a tale. The houses are still there but the phone box has gone.

    I had heard about the movable barriers in Victoria Road when they were first mooted, but I never followed it up. I see a high tech machine moves them. I will follow this up further. Thanks heaps for your assistance with the photos.

  11. Anonymous2:12 pm

    The tram on Edgecliff rd is right outside my house! Although my house just misses out being in the photo on the left. Love to see more of the pictures if they exist

    1. Anon, I had totally forgotten about this post. It is interesting to look back. They weren't my photos and I have no idea where you would see more.