Wednesday, June 06, 2012


A single mother who cheats Social Security out of thousands of dollars receives about the same gaol sentence as a company director who cheats his company of hundreds of thousands of dollars, that is shareholders, rich and poor because even the poor have their super money is invested in the company. I've never felt comfortable with equality of the sentence.

Yet, a bloke who tortures a kangaroo to death and drags the animal around on a rope attached to his car receives a suspended gaol sentence; that is no imprisonment at all.

With great satisfaction because my blog gets archived by our State Library, let me tell you it was Nigel Franks of Albury and his name is forever blackened. This link may disappear in time, but you can be sure one day Nigel's grand children can get an inkling of what their grandfather was like.

If the courts won't hand down appropriate sentences or the police won't act, there will be a lot more online naming and shaming.


  1. Nigel Franks needs to have the same treatment done to him as he did to that poor defenceless animal.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    The old adage that there ain't no justice rings true in all that you say here.

  3. That's Terrible!
    It's just like that Canadian serial killer who suffocated kittens by vacuuming out the air in the plastic bag they were in. Suffocation is a horrendous way to go as well. Hm... then again, dragging an animal 2 kilometres is just plain evil.

  4. While I accept that judges and magistrates take a lot of things into consideration and assess each case on its merits, sometimes letting people off is just too generous.

    When I see accused/guilty people laughing or smirking on their way into or out of a courtroom it makes my blood boil. Some people just cannot be rehabilitated with a slap on the wrist.

    I'm sure I've often read that people who are sadistic or cruel to animals usually graduate to assaults of some sort on humans. People either respect all life, or have no respect for any.

    Good for you Andrew, keep naming names.

  5. Absolutely mongrel bastard act.

  6. We are all in furious agreement. Tim, I think the worse of him for the act you mention than anything else, which is perhaps a bit weird. I really don't like cruelty to animals.

  7. It's sad that society priorities are supposedly reflected in sentencing - what does that tell us? I hope his parents are asking 'where did we go wrong?'!

  8. Your blog gets archived by the state library?
    I'm impressed.
    And I agree with Kath and the others, cruelty such as this deserves much greater punishment.

  9. What's right and wrong has always been relative to one's culture, but cruelty is cruelty anywhere you go.

  10. Scum like Franks and company should be quietly gotten rid of.

  11. Something definitely needs to be changed in regard to cruelty to defenceless animals. More stiffer penalites would be a good start because a slap on the wrist is just a joke and encourages people like this clown to repeat his offence :-).

  12. Red, I wonder if parents of guys like that do question themselves.

    River, has been for a long time. Not sure why, but means I can never delete it. It is fun to look at the style of it in earlier days.

    Rubye, we tend to make allowances for foreign countries, but it is quite true. Cruelty is just that.

    Great idea RH.

    My exact point Windsmoke. For mine,an assault on a human or animal means a gaol term.

  13. It's disgusting. How is it these thugs continually get away with treating animals in a such a way :(

  14. Sometimes the law makes no sense at all, quite often actually.


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