Sunday, June 24, 2012


What was special about the way former British PM John Major dressed?

What bushiness did former Australian PMs Howard and Menzies have in common?

Who was Koo Stark?

Which political figure might suggest there should be a lot more dry cleaning in this world?

While Highriser's address is St Kilda Road, followed by Melbourne, does he live in the City of Melbourne?

Who said, "I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered".

What dog breed is the person who is goofing off in Geneva currently obsessed with?

What does Clive James and trolley buses have in common.

Which town in West Gippsland and major arterial road  in Melbourne have the same name that is spelt differently and is confused by many, even locals. Take a bow Jah Teh, you are latest among the the usual high flyers who get it wrong.

I'd better put one in for the lads who bat for the other team. Who was the first famous film company Bel Ami actor? Either of two answers are acceptable.

What name was Michael Magee's son christened?

What was distinctive about the operation of the indicators in a certain a 1970s Toyota car?

Which closed down Sydney tram line was reinstated by public pressure?

If you have been reading me seriously since day dot, you would know what building was on the site where the High Rise was built. It was?

While we are talking about buildings, what were (self explanatory really) and where the were the Jewish Alms Houses?

Hehe, like I could tell you not to use google. I am really clever and I know all the answers to my own questions. Think of it as a personal satisfaction thing to match my thoughts rather than being accurate, or just have a go and have a laugh.


  1. I am not a royalist, but I remember Koo Stark well.

    Parents always worry about who their children bring home, don't they?

  2. 1. On the left
    2. Eyebrow coiffure as substitute sunnies at the cricket
    3. Shouldn’t that be ‘who did’?
    4. Don’t think so
    5. No one in my family – they would never admit having to pay
    6. Do I get half a point for Milly? skinny, lab half cross type of cutie?
    7. Everybody climbs on and shamelessly talks about it
    8. Warwick’le
    9. I’ll have two points please, one for being a lady and the other for belonging in the third team
    10. Not the foggiest
    11. On the wrong side of the steering column?
    12. Have stepped over the tracks a while back on my second ever visit to Sydney. It looked like a really short line. Being in Sydney, I doubt the terminus was anywhere important.
    13. If alms are for aiding the poor and [I think ] a Mitzvah is a blessing or required/ approved act … oh all right, I’m waffling – but at least not cheating.

    Thank you Andrew. That was even worse than the quiz in the Hun, and not even one question about Olympic Gold medals amongst the lot of ‘em.

  3. Koo Stark was that person highly disapproved of by most of the Royal Family.
    Highriser does not live in the city of Melbourne. I think Prahran?
    Milly in Geneva is a Jack Russell/Corgi cross affectionately called by Kath a Jorgi.

    That's all I know.

  4. I can't find Gippsland or West Gippsland on either of my maps. Is the street La Trobe Street? Just guessing because most people write Latrobe.

  5. Last question: Who has too much time on his hands?

  6. Who is Michael Magee?

  7. Koo was Prince Andrew's girlfriend in his pre-Fergie days but was dropped soon after they discovered a soft porn film she'd done a few years earlier...

    Dry cleaning - Bill Clinton!

    As the goof in Geneva - Milly, my Jorgi!

    ....and that's it. K xo

  8. Joseph, FC and River got Koo Stark.

    FC go PM and Howard's bushy eyebrows.

    FC and River got Kath's dog breed.

    Jah Teh has realised how sloppy her blog posts can be, re the Gippsland town and the major arterial. FC got that too.

    'Movie' actors? Half a point to FC for batting for the wrong team.

    Kath got the dry cleaning question correct.

    Victor has a bit of a foreign name, so I suppose he can be pardoned for not knowing who Michael Magee was. The rest of you should.

    Fen goes tothe corner and sits with a pointy hat on her head.

  9. booze birds and whatever was George Best, I think.

    Clive James grew up in Kogarah in Sydney when trolley buses ran through the suburb

  10. was it the watsons bay line that was reintroduced after public pressure?

  11. oh, that wouldn't be the first time!

  12. Victor, you are getting good at this. Top marks for Kogarah and the Watsons Bay tram line.

    You have earn't clue. Think not only of Michael Magee but also Maginnis Magee.

  13. I knew the poem you were referring to: The Bush Christening, but I couldn't remember the name of the boy.

  14. What a curious way I spelt earnt. River, well done you. It is a great poem.

  15. Hi, my name is Robert.
    Are you on the site of the casa de manana?

    RH. (Hoping to trump everyone)

  16. No RH, we are not where the Case of Bananas was.

  17. Don't act more knowledgeable, who cares if I'm wrong, an RH comment makes the world a better place.

  18. a warrigal is a dingo.
    Ms Stark's soft-pron film was made at Wilton House with the Earl Of Pembroke.
    The politician who needs dry-cleaning most is Sir Les Patterson Minister For The Yartz.
    Fruitcake's answers are always the best.
    I worry about Milly so much that I can't read Kath's blog.
    The Highrise is on the site of my old Melbourne office.
    where is the Finland Tom question?

  19. Too tired after days of baby sitting.

  20. Of course I knew all the answers Andrew, but there's no point now it's all out there haha!!

  21. Never knew what a warrigal is!


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