Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Quiz Answers

Ex British PM John Major was seen as a bit of a nerd. This was reinforced when he remarked that he tucked his shirt into his underpants. Clearly I retain trivia of such little relevance, of which no one else ever noticed.

Ex Australian PMs Menzies and Howard had very bushy eyebrows. Howard had his severly trimmed once and the grooming was very obvious.

Koo Stark was an on again off again 'friend' of Prince Andrew, the Queen's son. I think she was also a Sun page three girl.

American President Bill Clinton's intern Monica Lewinski did not have her blue dress dry cleaned after Bill unloaded his cum all over it. He should have argued that his pants fell down and he had a spontananeous ejaculation. It would have been more believable.

While High Riser lives in Melbourne, his municipality is City of Port Phillip and not City of Melbourne.

Famous soccer player/coach, whatever, George Best made the statement about fast cars etc. He is dead now.

Kath in Geneva is obsessed with Jorgis.

Clive James lived in Kogarah and trolley buses, electrically powered buses, ran in Kogarah.

West Gippland town? Warragul. Major Melbourne arterial road, Warrigal Road.

Major gay pron star at Bel Ami, either Johan Paulik or Lukas Ridgeston. Both were quite eateable. No one got that.

Michael Magee? An amusing poem called A Bush Christening by 'Banjo' Patterson.'On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of religion are scanty, On a road never cross'd 'cept by folk that are lost, One Michael Magee had a shanty.'

I think it was the Toyota Crown, or perhaps the Corona that had operation of indicators by turning the horn ring in the centre of steeting wheel left or right to operate the indicators.

The Watsons Bay tram line was closed down as were all the Sydney tram lines. But public pressure had it reinstated. The government, hell bent on shutting down all Sydeny tram lines, did not make a mistake the second time it was closed down. As the last tram ran, following along behind was an overhead wire crew who took down the electric wires and I htink some track was quickly removed.

The old Victorian Racing Centre (VRC) building was demolished to construct Highriser's abode. An ugly medium storey building replaced by an ugly highrise building.

The Jewish Alms Houses were a row of terraces just north of St Kilda Junction in St Kilda Road. They were essentianlly grace and favour accomodation for poor Jewish people. Correct Hels?


  1. I think I've seen the lobby in your block of flats, it's terrifying, ghastly, just needs a coffin to complete it.

  2. Andrew

    The Jewish alms houses started up late 19th century, when millions of impoverished people started leaving eastern Europe. By 1890, Jewish London needed free schools, orphanages and charitable organisations.

    You are absolutely right about Melbourne's alms houses. Not as many as London of course, but the late 19th century dates were still appropriate.

  3. Ah..... I feel I've learned something now!

  4. Don't know what lowers the tone most, the story about the gay porn stars or John Majors undies... on the basis of which shall assume it is safe to pose this puzzler:

    Complete this question:
    If Clinton did not inhale does this mean Lewinski did not... ?

  5. 5am and man it is cold!
    I'm intrigued by that Toyota switch for working the indicators, very cute.
    A collector I know has a 25 y.o. Fairlane. Instead of a speedo there's an LED readout in large red numbers. I'd like it in my car.

  6. I can't believe I've missed yhour blog all these days AND with a trivia quiz, to boot!
    I shall forever envision John Major tucking his shirt tails into his Marks and Sparks y fronts (he looks like a Y fronts chap, certainly not bikini or thong *shudder*)

  7. No-one wanted to answer that they looked at porn, or played with themselfs while getting off on Lukas [my favorite] or Johan. Or the ones who commented are not into gay porn. [that could be the answer too]

  8. Tastefully restrained RH.

    Pity they were all knocked down Hels. I think they were where Montefiori now is.

    Invaluable knowledge Kath.

    FC, sometimes I try to get out of the gutter, but rarely succeed. The answer is, apparently she did not, that time anyway.

    RH, many cars now have both. I like the old dial type better.

    Jayne def Y fronts. He was very unsexy, but then sometimes people like that can really go off.

    Peter, perhaps true. Glad you know who they are.

  9. Martin5:54 pm

    As you mention Sydney trams, I thought you might be interested in the following blog post about an untoward incident that once occurred on one or two of them:

  10. You call it tastefully restrained, I call it funereal.
    One day we'll all be tastefully restrained. I half look forward to it. Meanwhile I tuck my shirt into my y-fronts in this freezing weather and bugger what people say.
    I like the large dials in British sports cars of the 1930s-1940s, and Limos like the Bentleys of the same era. The Volks Karmann Ghia has good dials as well. Do you know about the Motorclassica? It's at the Exhibition Buildings. I go every year.

  11. Oh lordy! The shirt in the underpants thing! When my sister was young our mum taught her to tuck her singlet into her undies to properly keep warm in the winter. She also tucked in her t-shirt or blouse and over all that her jumper was tucked into her slacks. She still does that now, at 63. But all year round! It's how she learned to dress and that's all she knows. Yes, she's mentally challenged.

  12. Hey Andrew,
    Are you OK? No blog posts since Wednesday? I'm showing signs of withdrawal symptoms!
    Rob in Sydney

  13. Thanks Martin. I've not heard of that kind of thing happening here. Btw, while I don't have my references with me, the Bondi routes on the map look wrong to me.

    RH, I used to go to car shows. I should make an effort for that one.

    River, I guess that doesn't look great, especially at her age now.

    Rob, I am away overseas. Too hard to write much. The quiz post was was written before I left Aus.

  14. Ah that's OK then. I can stop worrying! :)

  15. Hey! I banged on your door last night and you weren't there. This explains it. An Asian woman with a pimp boyfriend told me to f*ck off. That's a rough joint you're living in, very low dive; metho drinkers and pissed mattresses.

  16. How sweet Rob.

    How unsweet RH.

  17. Your speed man.

  18. Hey! When are you back?

    How much have you spent?

    Does Malaysia have gays?

  19. How embarrassment! I picked John Major as the first famous film company Bel Ami actor.

  20. Edwina Currie will never forgive me!


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