Saturday, June 09, 2012

One of those things

I don't normally do these but since River asked and it is quite brief...

1. You're taking a three month holiday, no expenses spared, do you cruise the oceans or fly the skies?
Definitely fly. I want to see many places.

2. If you could ask God for one world-wide miracle, what would it be?
In the manner of a beauty contestant, world peace.

3. Would you choose sky diving or deep sea diving? (why?)
Neither. Both are too dangerous. I will go snorkelling though.

4. Would you choose having your wishes granted or having the power to grant wishes?
My wishes being granted would be turn out to be very self indulgent. I rather like the idea of being a dictator, so I choose the power to grant wishes.

5. If you could pick a song to be a world anthem, what would it be?
The obvious is one of those Geldorf/Lennon type world peace/help the starving type songs. But when the worries of the world get you down, you can just go out and fly a kite. So, from Mary Poppins, Let's Go Fly a Kite.

6. Do you dream in black and white or colour?
I don't really know. Colour I suppose.

7. Three-course meals or one-pot dinners?
Three courses please.

8. Do you menu plan, shop for two weeks worth of ingredients, then serve up toast and jam for dinner?
We don't menu plan but tend to buy the same things each week and decide what to cook for meals from what we have.

9. Do you dye your hair a totally different colour from what nature intended?
As opposed to dyeing it a little bit? Regardless, no. Can't wait to see Red and Jah Teh's responses.
10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
London in the summer there and Tasmania in our summer.

11. Do you change your home decor to suit the seasons or do you just leave things  as they are year in year out?
Year in year out, it stays the same, only changing if something new is bought but still things stay in the same place. There is right place for furniture and once it is found, no need to move it.


  1. Excellent, similar to my answers (which I have yet to do) and I like the world anthem :)

  2. Haha! Weirdly, your choice of song also mirrors what I'd like to tell our elected leaders to do quite frequently!

    And happily, I'm under no obligation to provide an answer to #9 - but I'm loudly and proudly not quite a true redhead!! You CAN 'enhance' your natural colour ...

  3. You selected an answer that I can strongly identify with:

    Living in the northern hemisphere for their summer and the southern hemisphere for our summer.

    This seems to a very civilised solution to being both a proud Australian and maintaining ties to wherever our parents came from.

  4. Nicely done Andrew, I like your answers. I'm curious about what others will choose for #5. I don't change my decor either. Usually it takes me a year or so in a new place to find permanent homes for things, but once I do, that's it, no change. And I don't redecorate with different coloured cushions, curtains etc for the seasons. Why change what I already love so much?

  5. Jayne, I always think if your world crashes down around you, you get could get pleasure from flying a kite.

    Ah Red, flying a kite in a different context. Enhancing grey to red is not totally dyeing your hair a different colour. (Ouch, Red just slapped my face)

    Hels, northern hemisphere for the yarts and southern hemisphere for nature. I am not sure that I am a proud Australian, but it is not a bad place to live.

    River, much as I think. Once it is right, there is no point altering. I feel like telling young people this. Get your hair right before you leave home and there is no need to muck about with it once you are out. Get the hair right and give it a quick spray of Richard Hudnut.

  6. Yay for world peace!

  7. Good answers Andrew. Still thinking about mine....

  8. I love reading your answers.

    I like your living-location wishes. Tasmania and London...nice.

    I'm surprised you didn't pick Melbourne. I guess you could still visit.

  9. I think this type of post - called a 'meme'? - is the blogosphere' answer to astrology allowing everyone else to knowingly deduce the character and prospects of the blogger.

  10. Rubye, but it just isn't going to happen.

    Kath, I await your where to live response.

    Dina, while I do like a lot of Melbourne, it is just too crowded now.

    So Victor, what did you deduce? Hopefully nothing that sounds like banker.

  11. How dare you sir! This is my natural colour or would have been if some idiot angel had not put me in the fat line twice instead of the titian flame mane line.

  12. Jah Teh, it does look natural and I am sure it is.

  13. I wouldn't know if I had any grey hair - it's SOOOOOOO long since I saw my natural colour ...

    And if you want a slap, let's call it quits and make it a BITCH slap!!

  14. Funny Red, as my mother denies her hair is grey, yet sometimes I see grey roots.