Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kicking up the heels

'Well darls, you have finished up at work, how shall we celebrate?'

It just so happened that our dyke friend called and invited us to hers for dinner.

The ritual conversation happened, not just between us and her, but as it happens between many people generally.

"It won't be much. I'll just throw something together", said she as she mentally planned her extensive menu.

"Please, don't go to trouble for us", said we. Yeah right, she damn well better make an effort.

"Can you pick up our hairdresser friend who is having a rough time and is insecure at work and her mother is ill?"

R felt he was entitled for once to not being the nominated driver. Well, I am not driving. He knows how bored and boring I will be if I can't have a drink or two, so he readily agreed to getting a cab.

So we caught a cab, via St Kilda West to pick the hairdresser friend, to Ormond and then back home in a reverse route. $32 to get there, $33 to get home. I told the drivers which way to go, which may not have been the best route, but it was one I felt comfortable with...... basically along the beach road to North Road and then along the same, reversed coming home.

Both drivers were excellent.

It was a great sociably chatty evening and the food was lovely, only marred by a decent rock of the dining table which sent my glass of red flying in R's direction. His shirt is still soaking in a bucket. We took a dessert and I saw the bill for it the next day. Retired almost old age pensioners such as R won't be able afford such luxuries for much longer.


  1. You leave we retirees alone. Waking up each day is our favourite luxury.


  2. As a happily retired person you definitely have to change your life style whether you like it or not it goes with territory :-).

  3. Perk up. The older you get, the less wine you need to get snakes hissed.

  4. Sacre Bleu!
    All that wine wasted!
    Easy, simple but delicious dessert - halve a sponge, mix a good lemon curd with whipped cream, spread on the sponge, place sponge top on then sprinkle with icing sugar through a paper doily.

  5. Victor, the waking seems to be getting later each day too.

    Well, Windsmoke, he is thinking of it as a holiday before our proper holiday, and then he might find a job.

    FC, and the sterner the following morning's resolution is.

    Jayne, sounds perfect and simple. I like the idea of sprinkling the icing sugar through a doily.

  6. The only thing I would add is for everyone to bring one plate each. It need not be huge. If one person/couple brings the entree, one the meat, one the salads and one the sweets, the hostess won't be having a meltdown. The hostess still has to do the breads, wines, set the table, cakes and coffee, and still has to wash the dishes.

    I don't expect people to knock themselves out for me...and I always accept others to share with my dinners. ALWAYS!

  7. Home made desserts are always better anyhow. And R now has time to perfect his skills in that area. K xo

  8. Oh lovely. Sounds like a good night.
    I can't get out of bed before 10am. I'm going to struggle next week...

  9. I second the home made desserts idea. They're fresher and cheaper and they occupy a good half afternoon for those at home with nothing else to do.

  10. Hels, it was less formal. Dips to start, home made pizza and our dessert along with a rhubarb crumble our hairdresser friend took. We have often had dinners as you describe, but mostly we go out now. Life is too short.

    Kath, funnily, even though I don't cook, I can make sponges, scones and cakes. But we normally don't eat desserts and it probably a good thing.

    You are home then Fen. I am pleased. Hope you are ok for work next week.

    River, I fear R being home is not meaning we eat out less. It will be two dinners out this week and two lunches and one brunch on Sunday. All very social.

  11. It's amazing how many people who retire, go and find a little part time job, my husband being one of them, he retired early, has lasted a year and starts back part time next week. I retired 30 years ago when i had my son and found it real easy haha! Only joking, bringing up two children is a very rewarding full time job!

  12. Grace, I think stopping work dead is not a good idea if you are not old. Ease into retirement is the way to go surely. I am pleased you did not work but instead brought up your children. There should be more of it.