Friday, June 08, 2012

Food Out

I responded to River's comment on a post that we have had or are having two evening meals and two lunches and one brunch out this week.

I don't ask nor expect R to cook. If he does not feel like cooking, then fine. It will be takeaway or meal out or soup or baked beans from a can.

But two evening meals out and two lunches and a brunch might seem like we live a life of luxury. While where we live might be expensive, nothing else about us is. Cheap furnishings, cheap cars, cheap clothes and cheap food. Someone called me cheap once, and I gave his face a good slapping, and then mentally conceded the point. He may have meant it a little differently.

Lunch 1: Sunday. Took Mother to McDonalds. $30 for 3 :/ 2

Lunch 2: Today. I am sick of a tomato, a slice of bread and a tin of fish. Why are there no left overs this week? Lunch out today at local cafe. A sandwich, a dim sim, a few chips thrown in and coffee, $14:/2.

Dinner 1: Crown Casino Tuesday night with two friends. I can't recall the name of the place. R et half a lobster, for not too high price. I have never seen such a small lobster. I had pasta and two glasses of wine. $30 for me.

Dinner 2: Hasn't happened yet, but tomorrow night at the local pub. Estimated cost: $15. Plus wine, so maybe $30.

Sunday lunch with blogmates, who knows where and when and how much it will cost and I care little. It will be so nice to see them and be convivial and damn the cost.


  1. Bali BOy9:25 pm

    wish I could in that and high class

  2. Bali, it is relative. I think as a percentage of income, we probably pay the same for lunch as you do.

  3. I reckon you've got your priorities pretty well sorted, Andrew.

  4. Your prices sound the same as ours, pretty bad. I used to eat out all the time when I was working but can't say that I really miss it now.

  5. Oh, what I'd give for a tomato and a slice of bread lol.
    They sound like decent prices and, yes, I've noticed the lobsters are rather teeny on the tv ads.

  6. Andrew it's 12.40am in the morning here in Perth and all this talk of food has MADE me go into the kitchen and make myself a peanut butter sandwich, I can already feel the indigestion, delicious though!!Enjoy your meals out, you only live once!

  7. As long as you're comfortable and happy with it all that's what counts :-).

  8. Kath, I just realised, there has not been a take away meal this week. We are doing well.

    Rubye, much of our eating out is to see friends. Ideally you would cook for them or they for us, but that can be hard work.

    Jayne, is there an ad on tv? That must be why we went. I wondered if it was legal to catch and keep lobster that size.

    Grace, at that hour, I would not be putting nuts in my mouth. As we get closer to the end, only living once comes to the fore of the mind.

    Windsmoke, yes, you have nailed it.

  9. I think your eating out meals are quite reasonably priced and if I didn't enjoy cooking I might get takeaways more often. I compromise by buying frozen pizzas in the brand I like best and adding extra toppings, and I'll make my own burgers too. So takeaway for me is usually fish'n'chips. The bonus with eating out is not cooking or washing the dishes, well worth the cost I'd say.

  10. River, I normally do the cleaning up and the dishes after our evening meal, well, I stack the dishwasher. I sometimes make pizzas. I have looked at the cost of the frozen ones and what you have to add, and I think it is better value to make them from scratch on pita bread.

  11. Well seeing as I am about to go to the local shops and have a Sunday breakfast/lunch Omelette read the papers and watch people passing by - how can I comment on what you spend - Maybe one day in my future I won't have the coin to do this but I think life would be poor indeed if we couldn't socialise occasionally when we are eating or drinking.

  12. MC, brunch with Sunday papers in a cafe sounds very Melburnian.