Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner Rotation

If R cooks Asian food, we eat with chopsticks from Asian crockery. I once meekly questioned why we need to do it, especially using chopsticks when someone has invented the fork, but I know better than to say anything negative about cooked meals or even the way they are served.

We use two of the four stacked bowls to put rice in from the big bowl with the lid and then other food into the bowls with the rice. I have recently discovered we have a crockery rotation problem. When I empty the dishwasher, I put the two used and clean bowls under the unused ones, so that all bowls are used over two meals. Well, that is what I thought.

I have recently learnt that R does his crockery rotation at the beginning of the cycle and when serving, he takes the two bottom bowls to use, assuming I have placed the most recently used ones on top.

It is quite possible that the two top bowls have not been used or washed for years.

We haz not hav good communications at times.


  1. Too many cooks?.....

  2. Have you been to a shop in Coventry St South Melbourne which sells Japanese dishes etc? - its amazing...not that you need any more with the trouble you are having rotating what you have!!!

  3. I love using chopsticks cos it helps you savour the flavours more, or that's my excuse.
    I love that crockery, used to have same years ago, must replentish!

  4. I hate dining out because it's a swindle. But women like it, the airheads. Last week we went to a pub in Geelong. At first they took a look at us and said we'd need a reservation, but finally hid us away in a corner. There were six of us, including the Overlord of Greater Geelong. Everyone else was dressed up, and there a play area for kids, with two slot machines for them to lose their pocket money. We were very critical of the place. I watched a romantic pair of twerps battle with chopsticks, "give them a knife and fork" I said to the waitress (who wasn't bad looking in a single mother kind of way) and she came up with a polite chuckle in a "I have to keep my job" kind of way.
    Well darlings I guess the reverse of anything isn't always the case; it's hard to eat steak and eggs with chopsticks.

  5. Chopsticks are to fiddly for me, give me a knife and fork anyday :-).

  6. Years ago when the kids were young, we did the Asian food with chopsticks too, but I'm not good at handling them, the chopsticks I mean, and I found my food getting cold. So I switched to forks and spoons after the first few mouthfuls every time. One of my sons would stab at the food with a single chopstick then bring the speared portion to his mouth.

  7. People rotate crockery?

  8. I may have said this to you before, Andrew and I'm not sure it's happening at your end but whenever I open at your blog I can't stop it from scrolling up and down.

    It only seems to happen for me at your blog when I have the devil's own time getting the page to stop or at least slow down for long enough for me to click onto comment.

    Once done the page stops and I can add my two bob's worth, which is here to say that I find chop sticks as easy to use as a fork, and sometimes I prefer them.

    we're having Ma Po bean curd tonight which we shall shovel in with chopsticks.

    Happy eating.

  9. Because I have a difficult time with chop sticks I can't understand why anyone who didn't grow up with them would like them.

    That's funny about your non-rotation of bowls. Although, I don't know why they need to be rotated and yet I do rotate them myself.

  10. Victor, it would appear to be so.

    Jayne, and using them slows your eating down.

    RH, I'm sure said it in the nicest and kindest way.

    Windsmoke, I think they are like languages. They are much harder to learn when you are older.

    River, when I was younger I can remember being very frustrated with chopsticks. The only way to become competent is to just keep on using them.

    Yes FC, they do. Otherwise all the things on the bottom that rarely get used get dusty. Then when you want them, you have to wash them on the spot.

    Eisabeth, that must be so annoying and I have no idea why. No one else has mentioned it. The only suggestion I have is to subscribe to my blog in google reader and read it there, although to comment, you do have to go the site itself. Ma Po bean curd sounds good.

    Rubye, I rather agree with you, but because I have had to use them, I am not bad with them. Perhaps the rotation is like clothes that don't get worn for a long time. They get musty.

  11. I prefer to use a fork or spoon when I am having Asian food at home (unless it is dumplings or noodles). When I was a uni student, I use to go to an asian place on campus that only used plates. It was interesting to see that chopsticks were being used mostly by the non-Asians. Most Asians prefer the practicality of using a fork when eating rice off a plate (chopsticks are better with bowls).

  12. Ad Rad, I suspect I would struggle with a plate of food and rice. I think I have only ever used chopsticks with bowls.

  13. Hahahaha!! That's hilarious!! But can you tell the difference between the two mint condition bowls and the used ones???

  14. Red, they have been through the dishwasher now, but I could tell by the feel of them. They weren't as smooth.

  15. Ha ha that's kinda cute!