Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Depression in the Highrise

Finally the air con techie person turned up today after nearly two weeks and one cancelled appointment. His diagnosis was it it is fucked needs two new circuit boards and some wiring replaced. The cost of repair will be more than a third of the cost of a new unit. Given the unit is ten years old, the answer was obvious, or was it?

We trooped off down Toorak Road in the motor to ye olde air con shop. How much??? $3,200? Not  a couple of guineas and not ye olde prices?

We are thoroughly depressed at spending such money, especially as I now have a cute young boi a retired person to support. It is not like converting your kitchen cupboards from wood grain to glossy white, like we had been considering. All it does is warm and cool us. There is nothing pretty about it but it is necessary.

For ten years the unit has warmed and cooled us. While out of the air I pluck a figure that such an appliance should last fifteen years, maybe this new one will see us out. Interestingly a tabloid current affairs show indicated that our heating from the electric air conditioning is by far the cheapest form of heating.


  1. Oh, that's a lot of money, especially when the expense comes out of the blue. I think you have the same kind of AC/heat I have. It is more efficient with keeping the house cool in our hot summers. The glossy white would have been lovely though. :)

  2. I can relate; and I really feel for you.

    It's so annoying.

    I think your post title is a good one because it IS depressing when things break and the repairs are so expensive.

    It's incredibly stressful.

  3. Sorry to hear that, Andrew. It sucks big time when the cost is far, far beyond what you'd expect to have to pay.

    .... time to buy a lotto ticket?

  4. Its the price you pay for creature comforts :-).

  5. It would be no use giving me giving you the name of my chiropractor. I've already asked him and he said there is nothing he can do about hip-pocket nerves. :(

  6. Buggery damn, that's what we'll have to consider when we shift to Dunolly unless we use wood heating for cooking, showers and heating. + fire....*ahem*

  7. Rubye, you wouldn't need much heat there would you?

    Dina, and little pleasure at the money spent.

    Kath, we won $14 in tattslotto last week. I don't think we are due for another win so soon.

    Windsmoke, creature comforts is the point of working.

    FC, cheer me with humour, thanks.

    Jayne, so you are going then? Start with a chip heater for the bath.

  8. Ouch! I had no idea they were that economical however, good to know.

  9. that sort of money is scary hope you win lotto

  10. It is a lot of money to lay out all at once. Can you pay it in installments? And does that include installation costs? In the end it will be money well spent to be comfortably warmed and cooled. If I could afford it, I'd get an aircon installed here.

  11. Fen, we carefully checked cost before we bought our first air con unit to use for heating. It was cheaper than gas, although perhaps not such a cozy heat.

    MC, it made me think a lot about being old and poor and things breaking down.

    It does include installation River. It is quite a large unit, so it needs three people to lift it. I don't do installments in but I will use my credit card to balance out large costs. One for your place would probably cost half of ours.