Friday, June 08, 2012

A decent DAB'll do it

Oh, that is one of my more clever subject lines.

Tired of static and the whine as our computer and others start up, we finally bought a digital (DAB) radio for  the kitchen to replace the analogue unit. The new one is absolutely brilliant and the best money we have spent for some time.  Of course had we had known the air con was to break down the very next day, we may have held off and prevaricated a little longer.

Between when I first make vague mutterings about being interested in something and actually buying it, the price has usually dropped considerably, and this was no exception. I am not known for my spontaneity.

I looked at a lesser model of the same brand in a shop and came home to see what it could be had for online. Then I discovered this superior model, with an rrp of about $200, somewhat more than we thought of paying. I showed it to R who also made positive noises.

Let me look further online to see if I can get a better price. Sure enough, a shop front place in Sydney had it for $158 plus $15 postage. Let's do it, and we did.

The store responded the next day that the item had been dispatched and we expected it the following day. We were a little excited but it is only a radio after all.

However, what arrived the next day was a slip in the letter box because we weren't home to receive the radio. Our options were to either visit the warehouse is some way way out western suburb, or arrange another day for delivery. Normally packages are left at our local post office and we collect them at our convenience. What was proposed was not convenient at all, and if it wasn't for R finishing up work last Friday, it would have had to wait until the 13th when I could stay in all day to receive it.

As it was, the radio was delivered on Monday, before 10am. I complained to the company about the inflexible delivery system and they responded with the fact that they had begun a change over to a new company when the new company was taken over by another, resulting in a lot of problems.

The new radio sits in the corner of the kitchen where the signal for a normal radio is very weak. It picks up all digital stations perfectly and even weak local FM stations, all without the aerial extended. It does all sorts of other things too, which we will never use. We are ever so pleased.


  1. No, I will NOT ask if it cooks the toast evenly. Does it have an earphone plug?

  2. It does look stylish but does it have connections at the back for 2 or more external speakers? :-).

  3. I know so very little about radios. I always use my laptop for music or npr. It would be nice to have one in the kitchen, or bathroom for that matter, however.

  4. It looks okay. Does it work on battery, what size? What's the brand and where's a shop with it?

  5. Yes FC, it has an earplug.

    Windsmoke, line in, line out, usb and earphones.

    Rubye, we have one in each bathroom, clock radios in bedrooms, one in lounge, one in kitchen. Excessive? We like radio.

    RH, no batteries. It is Sangean, which I can see in the photo. Model is DDR-31 Plus. Gerry has Sangean, but I haven't actually seen it in a shop.

  6. Have been seriously thinking of getting a digital recently as cloud cover has interferred with our analogue radio reception of 774 and have missed many a Nightlife Challenge to the point we've flipped to 693 *gag* for chatter.
    Will be eyeballing these beauties a little closer now!

  7. I have a couple of Sangeans at home and am very pleased with them both. Yours looks a superior model to mine judging by the size of the unit in relation to the screen size.

    My only quibble about my Sangeans is that when I have them on at the same time (so that I can continue to hear the radio moving through the rooms) there is a slight echo which doesn't occur with analogue radios. For some reason the transmission of digital radio signals varies ever so slightly between different radios.

    Oh, and for time freaks like me, I still adjust my watch against the hourly pips from my analogue radio because the digital radios run about 6 seconds behind. I can't have my watch 6 seconds slow!

  8. I thought about getting a digital radio, thought and thought....and while I was thinking the price came down, so I thought some more and many more brands and models came on the market, I'm still thinking, but I don't listen to radio at all unless there's a blackout, then I have the little one with batteries in it, so I probably won't bother getting one.
    I've tagged you (and R) in a challenge scheduled to go up at my place tomorrow.

  9. We're oh-so-close to getting one too but I'd like one with a iPod docking thingy-whatsit and the prices are still a bit scary.

    I might do what you did and find one in the shop and then see if it's available cheaper online.

  10. Hello Andrew:
    We are delighted that, finally, you are really pleased with the new radio.

    One of the problems for us too of buying online is the whole matter of delivery if one is not at home all day.

  11. Jayne, the Sangean pocket radio is very good, but do have a look at other models. I know nothing about the background of Sangean, but it seems good.

    Victor, you have mentioned the synchronisation before. I have thought about it since. I think it must be that some radios process the signal faster than than others, hence the 'echo'. I loath that the time is always late. It is more like four seconds, I think. The pips are substituted by a pregnant pause. I would be happy to hear the pips, even if they were a little wrong.

    River, girlfriend, don't be inviting R into the picture. I look forward to seeing what the challenge is, not necessarily saying I will join in. ABC Adelaide is not nearly as good as ABC Melbourne, but still, it much better than the alternatives. Give radio a go. It can become your friend.

    Kath, I noted a Sangean with an Ipod dock. Rrp was less than our radio cost.

    JayLa, with all due respect, you can surely be at home if you are required to be there to receive a shipment. Perhaps you are regularly shipping things in from overseas, and I can see that would be restrictive.

  12. I have 2 digital radios and I love them. I love the new and crazy stations that are listed (sometimes I get stuck listening to the Mix 80's channel!!). As I've said before, the only thing I miss is the static of lightning when a storm is coming!

  13. It certainly isn't necessary for R to participate.

  14. Fen, is Barry station still on the digital radio spectrum? I guess they are known as niche broadcasters.

    River, now he is retired, he doesn't have time for internet things.