Monday, June 11, 2012

Bus Stop

On the face of it, it really does look like there is a tram stop at the front door of this property shown in a real estate flyer. But many is the time I have informed people standing there, usually tourists but not always, that it is not a tram stop but a bus stop, the bus stop nearest to where I live. Even if I don't tell them, after several trams fail to stop to pick them up, they start looking around and may notice the real tram stops, or that on the stop sign, it does actually say bus.

I know at least one local resident approached both MetLink and the bus company some years ago about better signage, but to no avail.

In Melbourne, tram stop signs are green, bus stop signs are orange and train stop signs are blue. Did anyone do a double take at the last one? I mean train replacement bus stops.

As for the real estate agent suggesting it is a tram stop right at the door and picturing one that is not, well, would you expect anything better?


  1. Now! I would most probably be one of those tourists standing at the bus stop waiting for a tram. It's a case of can't see the forest for the trees.

  2. And I guess tourists psychically know that each type of stop has different colours ...

    I once corrected the English (spelling and grammar) along with errors of fact in a real estate agent's flyer that landed in my letterbox and returned it. Effect = NIL. Childish sense of satisfaction = priceless!

  3. Diane, I haven't thought of where, but I did something similar once in a strange place. I have learnt to not rush in strange places but stand back and survey.

    Red, did you see a post of mine a few weeks ago with an agent's flyer where a house for sale was described as BoHo chic. I guess they meant bohemian. It won't catch on, but could be used as a send up.

  4. Trust a pimp before a politician, trust a politician before a snake, trust a snake before an estate agent.

  5. Some bus stop shelters in my neck of the woods are erected on the footpath so you have to walk around them even when there is plenty room for them to be erected on the nature strip. Its really annoying when this happens :-).

  6. Bus stop signs here are yellow and often attached to stobie poles.
    Take a paint brush and paint out the "tram" and write bus. Be sure no one is watching, or wear a fluoro vest so they think you're working for the council.

  7. Sound judgement RH.

    Windsmoke, that is weird, but there must be a reason.

    River, the sign does day bus, but no one looks.