Friday, June 22, 2012

At last we have nice warm

Dirty looking old thing that no longer works. I have cleaned it at least twice a year over the last almost ten years, but I suspect the grime just gets right in and plastic does tend to yellow with age. When it broke down, it was due for a clean.

Poor R, after being told it would be Monday, then Tuesday, both times cancelled as the unit wasn't available, finally at 4pm Wednesday the tradies arrived with the new unit. Of course what could go wrong, did go wrong. The copper pipes to the external unit needed replacing to a larger size, instead of just the old ones being cleaned. They left at 7pm and this was the scene we were left with.

We Will Return, were their words, for two hours to finish. See ya at 7.30 in the morn.

In a magic moment last week, R spoke to Mother and offered to take her out today, Thursday. Now taking Mother out is a tiring thing to do and not for the faint hearted. 

It was also the day to return doggie Jack to his mistress. Have I mentioned our hot water problems? Satuday, Monday, Tuesday and today, the hot water boilers have failed and it has been tepid morning showers. Not so bad for me who gets up early and gets hot water, but a bugger for R who has been getting up later. But even I did not get hot water this morning. And on this most busy and stressful day, it poured rain, from morning to night. Mother must have picked up the nuance. She is quite clever at such things. She entertained R with her chatter as he carted her from shop to shop, to lunch at Maccas.

R was going to drop Jack off to his abode on his way to Mother's but he forgot the key, so he had to come home after such a full on day to get the key to Jack home. Mother enjoyed meeting Jack.

I am trying to forget what this new unit is costing us, but by golly it is good. Ten years of air con advancement, I should think so.

But things are not quite finished yet. One of the blades is not sitting squarely and it offends the eye. The fascia has to be replaced. Bigger pipes and huge lagging needs a new cover. R confiscated rang the bloke to tell him he had forgotten his trolley. We will deal with it all when we return from hols. 

In spite of having dog Jack here, I could probably describe our week as being shit, and made it rather hard to focus on our holiday.

As for work, well, I don't talk about it here or elsewhere, but the adage that your last week of work before holidays is always the worst, holds true.

R said to me before I left for work this morning that he was thinking of the over the balcony option. I smiled and said, see ya hon, good luck.

I would never do the over the balcony quick and clean. I like to torture myself with life.


  1. See! If it weren't for the bloody great big carbon tax none of that would have happened. I also have it on good authority that the carbon tax is going to fade your curtains. Just giving you the heads up.

  2. It's not a good time to be without warmth at the moment, Andrew. All this cold. I hope your renovations end with success and joy soon - and not too much expense.

  3. Don't you just love the reliability of these service staff and tradies? Everyone has their horror stories.

  4. Yesterday was the coldest June day in Melbourne in 19 years. Today will also be grim.

    Do whatever you have to do to stay warm, including paying bribery to tradesmen.

  5. Sounds to me like you've 'ad a 'orrible week.
    It also sounds suspiciously like those tradies are deliberately fabricating reasons to keep returning!

  6. A dreadful week for you to enjoy the holiday more; thank goodness you have heat again, tis a chilly old Melb of late (although Dunolly was a tad warmer yesterday in spite of the rain).

  7. Thank you Mr Rabbit.

    Elisabeth, the electric heaters have been ok, but they don't really penetrate to the other rooms.

    Victor, I did ask of R, I wonder if this happens to other people or are we just lucky? Of course it does.

    Hels, was it? It felt colder the day before. Wind chill. I am not against paying a 'smoothing fee'.

    FC, R does rather like the apprentice lad, so he is happy for him to return.

    Jayne, do you have a Dunolly weather app on your phone?

  8. Andrew if I expressed an attraction to some other bird my missus would crown me with something, if she expressed the same about some other bloke there'd be a mighty blue.
    Are homosexual relationships more liberal?

    You should throw out that white cabinet. St Vinnies might take it.

  9. A gay couple who have been together for more than two decades and they each say they have mongonomous, I'll say they are lying.

    We should chuck out the hideous old timber veneer stuff and go all glossy white.

  10. Holidays couldn't come soon enough by the sounds of it!

    ...and only one more week to go for Sapphire's summer holidays to start here too.

  11. I'm sorry you're having such a bad week!

  12. Ah yes Kath, and then you are off travelling.

  13. Dina, in the past now, forgotten, but thank you.

  14. Non gays keep quiet about it, that's the difference.

  15. ha ha RH you're right, non gays do keep it more hush hush!!

    I'm glad you've got your heating sorted, now to kick those boilers and get them working again.

    Enjoy your break, I look forward to stories and pics.

  16. I always get the impression that physical attraction (looks) are more a criteria among gays than among heterosexuals.

  17. My respectful suggestion is that gays never move on from the common to all adolescent obssession with pure physical attraction.
    Of course some hetero males don't move on as well: a lifelong adolescent focus on big tits, ect.

  18. RH, I've always found trying to analyse gay men and their behaviour quite futile, rather like straights really.

    Cheers Fen.

  19. My best friend who murdered his mother has an obssession with big tits, doesn't matter how old the owner is; eighty is quite okay.
    There must be something in that.

  20. Well you're dodging the the issue. That's okay.

  21. Futile? Looking for an honest man is futile. Everyone's a crook.

    I'm waiting for the Second Coming.

  22. Start.

    Turn off computer.

    Turn off.

  23. The over the balcony option is never a good idea.Who is going to have to clean up the mess? Or you might just break a leg or be paralysed and spend your life in a wheelchair or bedridden. Please tell me R was joking.

  24. River, I never take such comments lightly. Stress can do terrible things to people. What one person sails through can be the most stressful thing for another person. But after three decades of being together, I did not have any worries. He wears his heart on his sleeve a bit and is more prone to letting his emotions out. I am the opposite and I am possibly the one who is more likely to take the jump. But, as you say, the mess. I wouldn't want to inflict that on anyone.

  25. You might survive the fall...that's the worry - a young girl in hospital when Don was injured in '82 decided to launch herself out of the classroom window - because she didn't like her exam results - so at 15 she became a paraplegic - for life! That was 30 years ago - I remember her so well...she gave Ali the nickname "Sunshine" because Ali used to visit her sometimes when i was with Don and she was a happy little 4yr old - wonder what happened to her - better to live the misery...enjoy the new air con


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