Saturday, June 23, 2012

Are we tired?

You saw the photo of when the air con installation blokes left with the job unfinished? It was nothing compared to when Little Jo visits.

We'll go to the zoo! No, we will go to the Aquarium, said Little Jo. Again?, we protested.

Little Jo, sorry to inform you, but we are on the bus that takes us to the zoo. Ok, we lied to her. There is no bus from here to the zoo.

We expected she would want brunch at the Scottish fast food restaurant across the road from the Highrise. Nope, she wanted corn flakes and then a home cooked bacon and egg sandwich.  Given we are about to holiday in a Muslim country and will have to eat beef bacon for breakfast, no probs Little Jo. Egg and bacon sandwich it is. We slowed her progress around the aquarium this time and she saw and absorbed a bit more. "Little Jo, look at the stingray!" "Aunty Andrew, it is a mantaray", she corrected me.

Look Little Jo, Walkers doughnuts! Let's eat! R and Andrew, can we have our late lunch at home. I would really like a baguette with some ham and cheese. We bought doughnuts to bring home and went into the nearby Coles for a baguette and some ham.

While we were home consuming our baguettes, I asked Little Jo where they come from. She replied France. A far away look came in her eyes. Andrew, how do people in France say France. I told her. Do you know the capital city of France Little Jo? No. It is Paris. I know Paris. R chipped in, we used to watch a tv show Little Jo, about a dog in Paris. I had to google it later. Gaspard and Lisa apparently. Little Jo, what tall building is in Paris? I don't know. Eiffel Tower Little Jo. Yes, I know it, but Andrew, how do you say Eiffel Tower in France? I don't know Little Jo. I should ask Grace. You know hello in French Little Jo? She did, and goodbye and thank you. Unbidden, and I can count to four, and she did in French. Please, she has only just grasped the English of which floor we live on.

Did I mention one of her mothers is a school teacher? We were home from the aquarium by two. Craft and tv and then out to the nearby Little Sandy Desert to fire rockets into the air. By the time Bone Doctor returned from her morning lecture and her doctoring at a football match, Little Jo had her comfort blanket wrapped around her, the one we bought her when she was just born. Where did that five years go?

Disclaimer. We can only dress Little Jo in what Sister sends with her. I must have a word with Sister about what she sends up with Little Jo.


  1. I think this is the latest trend in dressing little girls Andrew, sort of a bohemian hippie style. She looks darling the way she is of course!

  2. There is no limit to what young children can learn. They have minds like total sponges, as does your niece.

    Early this year I decided that each week, I would make the grandchildren a national dish from one country or another. They had to select a nation, I would make the food and they would analyse the cultural aspects of cooking. It lasted for 15 weeks (before I conked out) and was brilliant.

  3. All three of you are very privileged to know each other. Ain't that the best kind of tired?

  4. Possibly Rubye, but the colours weren't right. She packed her own case.

    Hels, what a great idea. We might do something like that too.

    FC, the drained by family kind of tired? Yes, it is.

  5. Glad your niece liked the mary had a little lamb ditty, have ya checked out the latest ditties yet. Five years old already my how time flies when your having fun :-).

  6. Are there any plans for a sibling for Little Jo?

  7. oh God Victor I hope not for Aunty Andrew and R's sakes.

    Le tour de Eiffel, and
    Fronce is how they say France in France.
    Modern children do not appear to get the tone that I was raised by =
    "you will take what you are given and like it". sigh.
    Lil Jo is lucky to have you guys.
    X X

  8. Not so Little Jo is gorgeous :)

  9. Five?
    Last time you blogged I'd swear Little Jo was only 3 !
    Yep, it's the trend to let kids pick and pack their own clothes these days.
    You will have to teach her Frère Jacques now.
    You're welcome :P

  10. I see nothing wrong with what Little Jo is wearing. As long as she is warm and comfortable, what does it really matter? You might suggest a beanie to keep the head warm.

  11. Windsmoke, I did. They were good but I liked the soot one.

    Victor, Sister is ten years younger than me, but still, I think she has run out of time. Bone Doctor won't do it, but I have a vague idea they might be in the process of adopting. Just a hint we picked up.

    France I knew Ann, but one you wrote it, yes I now remember Le tour de Eiffel. You are correct about child rearing but I go along with their methods, even if I don't agree with them.

    Cazzie not as gorgeous as she was at two. Best age.

    Jayne, she knows more song than I do. Funnily, yesterday I was teaching her how to sing FJ in rounds.

    River, soap and water. She has plenty of time to be pratical at home. We want her to look smart when out with us.

  12. She must love you and Uncle R very much. It's bloody exhausting dealing with a (clearly very smart) five year old, but so worth it.

  13. Kath, she does love her Uncle R, not sure about me who just does things away in the background. You know what kids are like. I hope she will rememeber us well.

  14. She just looks lovely...and she sounds like a precious little kid...what a lot of happiness she seems to bring you !

  15. I loooove Little Jo she is adorable, how old is she Andrew, she reminds me a little of my great nephew who is three going on thirty, mind you if one of her Mums is a school teacher nuff said.. Je vois que je suis trop tard pour répondre à la questiion nouveau la Tour Eiffel, ah l'histoire de ma vie .. toujours en retard!