Thursday, May 24, 2012

Williamstown Part 2

While we having lunch I mentioned to R, what about catching the ferry home? I looked it up on my phone and it would take us to Southgate, a short walk for the tram home. Apart from a good map, there was little other information. After lunch we walked down to the pier and an old salt was selling tickets for the ferry, $15 each. We bought two. We then went off to see the market and shops. Look R, there is the Williamstown to Southgate ferry. Do you think it will be ready to leave on time?

Bloody foreigners again. This time it is the very predatory Northern Pacific Starfish. It must be binned. A new starfish can grow from one leg. It is not enough to just stab it. Five legs, bin it.

Just as our ferry arrived, so did a small sailing ship. Damn, we have to board our ferry.

A pleasant view back towards the shore.

The sailing shop had berthed. Actually, where were the sails? How did it move?

This ferry was arriving, no doubt an old Sydney ferry. Our ferry was much more modern.

The city is so close, but even by ferry, it takes a good while to the centre of town.

The stone wall marks the entrance to the Yarra River.

The Newport gas fired power station. It is used to supplement our electric supply as required. Being gas, it can be quickly switched on or off. The lad was talking with his parents in a Euro language. We named him Hans.

Approaching the West Gate Bridge.

As we departed Williamstown, a police pipe band was playing on the static old naval ship.


  1. I could make a comment about Hans and that erection in the power station photograph but I won't. Oops, I just did.

    And you thought I couldn't resist, didn't you Andrew?


  2. Love the pics!
    Years ago, when housesitting in W'town for the dreaded mother in law, hubby had to ferry back and forth everyday and loved it.

  3. Of all the western suburbs, locals always thought Williamstown had something very special. And I agree. The layout of the town, the shops, parks, beach and docks all make Williamstown worth a day out.

    I must add that the food, eaten outside in summer, was terrific.

  4. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Ahhhhhh, now I understand your previous comment! : ) V.

  5. Victor, although I shouldn't say either, he had a pretty face, a flabby body and seemed quite asexual. I never underestimate you.

    Jayne, travelling by ferry to work in Sydney is pretty cool. Interesting that it was in Melbourne too.

    Hels, there is no other place quite like it in Melbourne. I know someone who snapped up property there years ago. Wish we had. Who was to know but really it was predictable. The journey to work along Melbourne Road and over the bridge must be a nightmare now though.

    V, it was probably a journey we had planned for the future, but in the magic of the moment we did it.

  6. Newport/Williamstown is wrecked. Overdevelopment. Mini houses and apa-a-a-artments. Soon you'll be able to walk over the rooftops of cars in Melbourne Road.

    Going up the Yarra wouldn't be awfully scenic? Not pretty. I'm going up one day, in my own little boat, and I'll have plenty to say. Through a loud hailer, at all the lab-rats and cadavers on southbank. "Hello you clowns, you shitheads, bank botherers and reptiles, finance owns you, when did you last meet a human you can trust."
    And so on. I'm here to better the world.

  7. Just lost my commenting mojo *sigh*

  8. Fen, leopards and spots and all that.

  9. ooh I do like a good spotty cat :P