Friday, May 25, 2012

Wiliamstown 3 (tomorrow's post tonight, just in case)

A dredge not far up the Yarra. I suppose it is in working order.

The mighty West Gate Bridge that was not so mighty when it collapsed during construction and many workers were killed.

The Punt is a punt, a bicycle punt to be precise. I suppose it can carry people too, well, obviously it does. You don't send your bike on the punt and swim across the river,  but you do rather go from nowhere to nowhere. With a State subsidiary, it now runs all year round but I am unsure of the details.

Home of Boeing, where they make ashtrays and call buttons marked 'Hostess' for Dreamliner airplanes.

Filthy rich scum. Drug money or Gina.

Port of Melbourne Control Tower. There are web cams mounted on the tower if watching ships is your thing.

Bolte Bridge. Bridges are unifying infrastructure, but the late Victorian Premier Bolte was anything but a unifying figure.

Is it the London Eye? Is it the Singapore Flyer? No, it is Melbourne's perpetually broken Southern Star Observation Wheel. Andrew feels much embarrassment.

Seafarers Bridge.

Those animated sculptures again, on the old St Kilda Port Melbourne railway line bridge.

I can highly recommend taking the ferry to or from Williamstown for $15.


  1. I like the "filthy rich scum, drug money". That's funny Andrew. Probably true also.

  2. Could be Rubye. Or it could be a boat owned by Gina, the richest woman in the world, who is Australian. I take no pride in that notch on Australia's belt.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Well, we love messing about on boats, so a ferry trip would be something that we should much enjoy. The bridges en route really are extremely impressive and so very varied in design.

    The 'drug money' of Budapest only becomes visible at night with extremely flashy cars.......the Danube does not seem to have caught on as a destination of choice...yet!

  4. JayLa, nothing quite like messing about on boats. Of bridges, we have many and much nicer ones than I have shown.

    Somewhat cryptic, but the Danube is certainly a destination of choice for tourists and an excellent way I would have thought to transport illegal substances.

  5. Oh I'm trying to keep calm Andrew, but I do take a little comfort (sorry!) to see that I'm not the only one having problems with le computer! Just so you know I've looked at all your posts that I've missed over the last few days (obviously not the missing ones haha!) and thoroughly enjoyed, daren't leave a comment on all as my internet server signal has been going up and down like a 'harlots drawers' all night. Hopefully like your missing posts all will return to normal soon! Have a great weekend, and btw yes I did take the close ups of 'les chaps' on the beach just for you!!

  6. Good posting. Thanks. $15 doesn't seem bad. I'll give it a go.

    No drug money here (far as I know. Well I wouldn't inquire).

    Up and down like a bridegroom's bum.

  7. I second your recommendation about the Williamstown ferry ride. Didn't know about the bike punt though.

  8. I often wonder if that wheel thing will ever re-open. Not that I want to go on it, I doubt any locals do!

    Looks like a lovely clear day with gorgeous blue skies.

  9. Nice views here Andrew. I think I'd like a trip on the ferry, with a small detour for a ride on the bike punt.

  10. River, I wonder if I should take the bike out for a trip on the punt. It is flat ground to get there.

  11. Pretty reasonable RH, compare to what Yarra River Cruises charge for their trips.

    Kath, the punt has come and gone, no pun intended, but hopefully it will stay now. It is used by commuters.

    Fen, it was nice by the afternoon but pretty grey and cool in the morning.

  12. Grace, then again, it may have been operator error.

  13. Apart from a slope up from the punt at Newport it's flat all the way to Williamstown, a waterfront ride.

  14. And the crier at the airport rang his bell, urging all visitors to buy a $14 Myki gift pack - all day travel, any suburban zone, and a 2 for 1 deal on the Melbourne Wheel.
    Glad I'm not a visitor.

    Love the rich scum photo, Andrew. Doubt GR would spring for a boat that big, she has targets to reach [unless it's a cover for a cash business].

  15. Hey FC. Now you are talking. A Myki spruiker at the airport. Being publicity shy, we have not even seen GR's house, and I am sure we would find something about it to lift our noses about.