Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sydney V Melbourne #29

Advertising comes in many forms is this is just another. It is a light hearted comparison between Sydney and Melbourne. I am not sure how the picture will work here, so maybe if you click on the embedded link at the top, you will get a better view. Hotel Club paid me not a single shekel, but they did send a nice enough email.

Produced by Hotelclub


  1. It's got my looks right! And it correctly places me as a 'Princess' and even has my old school at the top of the income tree!

    How accurate is that?


  2. I notice Sydney is listed amongst Melbourne's hates but Melbourne doesn't get a mention in Sydney's hates. Confirms our earlier discussions.

  3. Lol at Princess. Clearly you are not a Bondi Hipster.

    Yes, that very large chip on Melburnian's shoulders.

  4. Weirdly, there's no mention of Adelaide being favourite place to go for lunch! Why not??

  5. I love that! It makes me want to hurry up and visit Sydney AND Melbourne.

    I'd probably disagree with the bit about tourism. Why did Sydney win? It seemed like Melbourne had the better prices and ratings for their hotels.

    Sydney had more visitors though. I guess that's why they won.

    I think since I AM a tourist I care more about hotel cost and ratings than I do about how many other tourists are around.

  6. Sadly dear Red, Adelaide is often an afterthought. I would advise tourists to go to Adelaide after Sydney and Melbourne, and not to the Gold Coast. They may as well stay in the US and visit Miami.

    Dina, Melbourne just cannot beat Sydney's beautiful harbour. As is said, holiday in Sydney, live in Melbourne. To add my own, Sydney always seems a bit chaotic and exciting, and Melbourne, organised.

  7. I will concede Sydney has a better Harbour. This is very nice for people who can afford to live in a house with a view. It is also very nice when viewed from a ferry, or through the window of a plane.

    However, the biggest problem with Sydney - apart from Sydney - is that it is surrounded by even more Sydney.

    Melbourne, on the other hand, is Melbourne. But wait... there's more:
    Melbourne is surrounded by lush forest, beachside villages, The Grampians, the High Country and - well I'll admit it does have the Hume Hwy [aka Sydney Road] - but this is compensated for by its proximity to Adelaide and Tassie.

  8. FC, the thing about Sydney is that only a minority live near the harbour. So many live in very ordinary places. Quite so about Adelaide and Tassie. Very civilised places.