Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not so jolly Hockey

In earlier days my feelings about conservative politician Joe Hockey were fairly benign. Later I started to feel rather uneasy about his economic views, reinforced recently by his suggestion to cut welfare payments to cut taxes. So, I don't like him at all. That is quite irrelevant to whether he may or may not be an honourable person. I certainly have a view on that now after he insults my sister, her girlfriend and their child, who are imperfect parents, just like everyone else.What is not in doubt is that she is a child being brought up with love by two people in love. Oh that more children were as fortunate as she.


  1. This is just one of those lines that people trot out without thinking about it: "Every child needs a mother and a father." Like our Prime Minister, when you challenge them on it they cannot explain why.

  2. Now that President Obama has come out in support of gay marriages i'm waiting for the stampede backflips to start. It will be interesting to see who the first one is :-).

  3. He says he's not saying gay parents make lesser parents, but that is exactly what he is saying. How lame.

  4. Top marks to Penny Wong on the very professional way she delivered her response after being insulted by Hockey. I think she managed to show the audience that he was being a bully.

  5. True Panther. I would like to suggest two loving parents, but plenty of kids are successfully raised by a sole parent.

    Windsmoke, I agree that what Obama said will more generally help gay rights around the world, including marriage, which I personally don't give two hoots about.

    It is basic logic isn't it Rubye. Glad you watched it.

    Pippa, she was superb and so dignified. The more I see and know about her, the more I admire her.

  6. Good old ABC, and it's predictable audience, I haven't seen a Q+A yet where the gay barrow wasn't pushed. I mainly watch it anyway for the close ups of cutie pie little birdies in the audience, how come they're all so good looking? I don't know. Well the little sweethearts, they can have all the causes they want, pursue anything they want, I only want them for one reason.

  7. Welfare payments are such a complicated issue. So many people depend on this money. (Of course there are the bludgers too).
    I have a friend with mental health problems and every time he hears stuff like this, he's terrified they'll cut him off and he'll have to live in the streets and eat from dumpsters. He's unable to work and his problems are well documented within the system, but still he gets almost suicidal with every announcement.

  8. Hockey is odious. I'd love to see him live on centrelink payments for a good three months *and* have one of his children 'come out'....

  9. Seriously doubt I could say anything more negative about hockey than his own behaviour and words do - repeatedly.

  10. Have I been asleep or something or has Hockey gone grey overnight?

  11. For someone expressing an illogical opinion not backed up by any facts....I think Hockey was pretty eloquent.

    I like that Penny Wong admitted to having hurt feelings. People need to understand that prejudice IS taken personally.

    You know and it's totally fine to have an opinion that's not backed up firmly by facts and research. It's just not okay to have a law based on that opinion.

    It's fine to prefer chocolate ice-cream over vanilla, and it's fine to think vanilla ice-cream eaters are missing out on the better thing. But it's not all right to outlaw vanilla ice-cream.

  12. Yet RH, there are often more Tories in the audience than lefties.

    Thanks for that River. Those in authority need to know what impact their mouthing off has on some people.

    Oh Kath, I don't think Hockey was last long on benefits. He would starve. I often wish some people would have gay children, just so they get an understanding. But the Misterrabbit's sister is gay.

    FC, we are certainly getting the measure of the man.

    I didn't notice Victor. Perhaps he has just stopped dyeing.

    Very nicely put Dina. You can laugh these things off, but there is often a little bit of hurt.

    Grace, will I translate? Better not.

  13. Come off it, this is the lefty ABC we're talking about.

    I know all their opinions.

    I once belonged to the extreme left Socialist Labour League (Trotsky). Sad to say, the girls were all ugly.

  14. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I'd love to have had Penny Wong as my mum instead of the heterosexual, Catholic, bigoted, racist, homophobic, ultra conservative hateful individual that I was born to.

  15. Yes Anon, much preferable, but I think she would be rather strict in some ways. Not a tiger parent, but she would have high expectations. Sorry about your parent. Sometimes I remind myself how lucky I am.