Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Just another Sunday

Last night at the Racecourse Hotel in Caulfield where we dined, I was spooked to see Little Jo arrive with R. R was supposed to travel there by tram, but instead Bone Doctor brought him. I had no idea Little Jo was around. They Bellarine family were in town. They did not stay. Little Jo doesn't find old people like our friends very interesting. Sister was at the football where her team won by many points, so there Victor. They went on to stay at Bone Doctors father's place in Oakleigh overnight before they joined up with Bone Doctor's mother for her birthday celebration Frankston.

"It is central for all", said Bone Doctor's mother. Bone Doctor said, well maybe central for my mother in South Gippsland and my father and brother in Oakleigh, and my sister in Balwyn, but not so central for us on the Bellarine. Dutiful Bone Doctor daughter complied, as did Sister. Bone Doctor's parents are our age and professional working people, so Sister is very respectful of them to ensure a good inheritance and good family relations for Little Jo.

Oh yes, Sunday. Tram from home to Flinders Street. Tram to Swan Street Richmond. Check out home furnishing shops in Church Street. Tram in Church Street to Bridge Road. Time for lunch. Coffee, tandoori wrap and chips to share. Tram to Spencer Street. Walk for a long way. Look for a standard lamp at Beacon Lighting at South Wharf. No joy.

Plan trip home, a significant walk to William Street tram and my feet were sore, and must stop off for refreshment along the way. Cost of refreshment would pay for half the cost of a taxi cab home.

Damn the expense. We will do posh. We caught a taxi cab home. A whole $11 divided by two and I learnt a new road to get home from that part of town. Thanks Mr Taxi Driver.

Clearly this was meant to be published Monday, but I did not get to finish it. Toady I was out and about again and I have a train whinge. I was at Richmond Station and I wanted to go to Parliament Station. It would be too much to expect a train to go directly there without having to go around the City Loop. I was prepared for that. But all indicator boards told me to catch the next train to Flinders Street and change there for a City Loop train. I had walked for miles and I was whacked. I was quite prepared to just sit and wait for a City Loop train at Richmond. I really did not want to have to check more information boards, walk down and up ramps to change at Flinders Street but that was what I had to do.Worse, the closest information board to find out the next City Loop train in the Degraves Street subway was outside the ticket barriers. By this time I was resignedly trudging along.

The City Loop train arrived at Flinders Street on its way to Alamein. Where did it come from? The Clifton Hill lines that don't go through Richmond? The train yards? I suspect it came through Richmond. Why was I not told at Richmond?

While we were having a spot of lunch in a gutter in Church Street, I suggested R should cross the road to get his free pensioner coffee at McDonalds. His expression looked pained. The store is very convenient to the next door police station.

There was a time when I bought clothing at Dangerfield in Greville Street, Prahran. Now I am too old. The City branch building is very old, next door to what looks newer to me, but also very old Young and Jackson's Hotel.

Some fantastic metal work, flying ducks in Bridge Road, Richmond.

I mentioned a few posts ago that the railway bridge for the St Kilda and Port Melbourne trains closed in, I think 1987, and hence the railway lines closed too. It takes our transport authorities a bit of time to catch up with signage. Platform 11 is no longer used either. This is so not a pretty photo, but I also fear what the tiling might be replaced with.


  1. "While we were having a spot of lunch in a gutter in Church Street I suggested R should cross the road to get his free pensioner cup of coffee at McDonalds. His expression looked pained."

    You made me laugh, I didn't really want to.

    Degraves Street underpass, still shabby I suppose, still depressing.

  2. Yes, the Degraves Street subway is much like it always was, but with shiny ticket machines and barriers.

  3. Thank you for the sports report, Andrew.

    I don't look pained when offered pensioner discounts, at least I don't believe that I do. I take it as a badge of honour that after paying two generations worth of taxes I am now getting something back (even if it is only a cheap coffee and free ice cream from the temple of the golden arches).

  4. Oh, the ingratitude of partners when one assists them to remember they're eligible for freebies/discounts!!

    Why is it so?!

  5. ""While we were having a spot of lunch in a gutter in Church Street I suggested R should cross the road to get his free pensioner cup of coffee at McDonalds. His expression looked pained."

    Thanks to you, I am now coughing up coffee!

  6. Victor, he never looks pained either, when he is receiving a freebie.

    Ah Red, some experience there.

    Kath, funnier because it is true, I suppose. R actually doesn't mind the drip coffee served at that place. I can't bear the weak dishwater.

  7. Comiserations on your Richmond Station loop train info fail experience which I have had also.

    The old blue sign tiles (especially love the pointing hands)at Flinders Street are totally connected to memories of the big commute I did in the 60's as part of the 9am and 5pm SURGE of concentrated office workers.

  8. Ann, I have lodged a complaint with Metro about the matter. I am still waiting on the outcome of my complaint to VLine about Melton Station.

  9. far too often, knowledge is 'assumed to be in place' but the assumers do not consider that one might suddenly be in Melton house-sitting, and go to the wrong platform, as I did also.
    I hope you get feedback on your complaint.

  10. Thanks Em Stacks. I thought it was just me being dumb. A response is already overdue. I won't forget about it.