Friday, May 11, 2012

Flash Mob Friday

I have two videos for you delectation today. You can take your pick. Firstly we have the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra at Copenhagen Central Station playing Ravel's Bolero, not my favourite piece of music, but a great performance nevertheless, even if the very obvious instruments rather give it away.

The second is in Israel and surely it has to be Tel Aviv, apparently a city very high on the gay holiday maker list and culturally a long way away from the zealots of Jerusalem. (I actually know a little about Tel Aviv and I like what I have heard) The music mix is quite good and although it is a bit slow to get going, it improves once everyone is in formation.There is some eye candy for those who like guys but plenty for those who like girls.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Well, two very different examples of the same principle, but such fun and so very entertaining!

    Watching the faces of the bystanders is so interesting and very amusing!

  2. I was in Tel Aviv twice in the 1970s and the eye candy for people of any sexual persuasion was outstanding in those days.

    Come to think of it the eye candy in Copenhagen was pretty good too when I also passed through there.

  3. Tel Aviv is hot, laid back, on the beach, musical, casual, has lots of parks and has great food and wine. Jerusalem is buttoned up, mountainous, inland, religious and cold.

    I prefer Tel Aviv :)

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I'd seen the bolero clip before, but the Tel Aviv beach party is great fun, thanks.

    [Annette and Frankie, eat yer hearts out].

  5. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I love the Bolero!! I'd love to see, or better yet, be in, a flash mob. I wonder if I could organise one... V.

  6. JayLa, people's faces are interesting to see. They are inclined to be quite passive.

    Victor, it is always good to have a mate who can draw on life experience.

    Hels, reinforcing what I thought. I bet you can get good coffee in Tel Aviv too.

    FC, Annette and Frankie reference noted and understood.

    You could make one happen V, but the organisation must be immense. I've seen a Japanese one and it was not good. I reckon you could get the people, but always remember, it is how it appears on camera, and the sound is important too.

  7. Ooh I love Bolero, always fascinated how the drummer can keep time so perfectly throughout the whole thing.

    I used to always check out the site Improv Everywhere for their latest "flash mob" type things.

    Now that I think about it, I must see what they have done recently, some of their older stuff was magnificent.

  8. Fen, perfect timing is a guess what musicians do. I will check that site out, thanks. Hope you are feeling ok.

  9. OMG j'adore le flashdance!! Did you follow some of the other links, the Danni & Kyle in Sydney was quite good, loved the spectacular setting!!

  10. Grace, I too like them, especially the great ones and there are some really great ones. I have seen the Minogue one.