Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exhibition Walkway

If you look at the content of the report, it all sounds marvellous, but I lost concentration when this grabbed me, even though I think an tunnel might be a great thing. I do like an nice tunnel.

The Museum also wants to extend an tunnel — dug in 2000 when the car park was built — underneath the Exhibition Building to connect with a lift, which would whisk visitors up to the first floor - where there would be a permanent exhibition on democracy in Australia - and then upwards to the roof.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    And from there to the stars, we assume!

  2. "an" tunnel?
    tsk tsk.

  3. The best part would be if the tunnel could house a decent exhibition on the building's history, ever since the fantastic International Exhibition of 1880.
    Not only that, but the building became our first house of parliament ever! How cool.

    If you want an example of a tunnel becoming a terrific exhibition space, look no further than the Vasari Corridor in the Ponte Vecchio, Florence.


  4. What a lovely idea JayLa.

    It is a outrage River.

    Hels, I remember your post and soon after I walked into the lounge and there it was on tv. "Is that the Ponte Vecchio?", I smugly asked. Yes, a history display about the building would be excellent. I wonder how they are going with uncovering the German Garden? I must check.

  5. My goodness but I do like a tunnel. Or a secret cave, narrow and hidden. Imagining these things is my way to relax.
    I told you about a tunnel under the upper esplanade, between the basement of the esplanade Hotel and the wall at the lower esplanade. You doubted it.

  6. RH, if every tunnel I have heard of in Melbourne existed, the city would collapse into them. However, you may well be right. Isn't there a grill in the wall below the Esplanade?

  7. I remember an ice cream shop in the wall of the lower esplande. There were other "vaults" in the wall as well. One of them could have been the end of a tunnel. It's said that Archbishop Mannix and John Wren had a tunnel between their houses up on Studley Park hill (they lived opposite sides of the road) but I think that's just rumour.

  8. Exactly what I mean RH, although I hadn't heard of that one.