Monday, April 09, 2012

Word Press

I have been having trouble commenting on blogs that use Word Press. Word Press is a bit like Firefox. It is superior, as we  Windows people know Apple is superior. I must say Word Press is tempting from what I see, but for now, I will stick to Blogger.

The problem is that when I went to comment on a Word Press blog, I would get a message that I was already logged in with a different account. I don't recall ever doing anything with Word Press, but it seems like I have an account there, which may be true. I just changed the email address in the comment form  and it was fine. It would be ok to leave it like that but it is an email address I check about once a month and sometimes I think Word Press blogs send emails automatically and they will go to this rarely used account.

I really must investigate properly, manana, manana.


  1. As a wordpress user, after someone compromised my blogger blog, it is all a bit of a nuisance.I like blogger, really I do, but something weird was happening. Rubye pointed it out to me.
    Sounds like there is a bit of claiming of turf going on.

  2. I don't comment on many Wordpress blogs, most of my friends are on Blogger, so I can't say whether I've had any trouble or not. I have noticed that the Disqus comment style is causing me a bit of a hassle, (slow, slow, slower), just like when it was first introduced. After I complained about it in a post, the situation improved for a while, but it seems to be slipping backward.

  3. Christine, you are more cynical than I am. What you suggest did not enter my head, but it is well worth consideration and quite plausible.

    River, is Disqus the two word comment verification? I never want to make it difficult for people to comment on my blog. I have to some extra work at times, but I like my blog to be free and easy for people to comment, as I guess you do.

  4. I find commenting on Word Press blogs a pain in the arse. James O'Brien et al take note. :)

    Each and every time I want to see any follow up comments to a comment I have left on a Word Press blog I not only have to tick a box (as I do for Blogger blogs) but I also have to open an email message that ensues from Word Press and tick some link in that message as well.

    By the way Blogger presents its own difficulties. I changed my primary email account for Blogger after a previous account would not open on my new Mac Book. Since then I have been completely unable to make the same adjustment to the notification account for comments I leave on other people's Blogger blogs, including yours Andrew. This means I have to continue to use the superseded account just for following up comments on your and Blogger blogs.

    Isn't modern technology wonderful?

  5. Ok Victor. I don't do follow up comments. I just check back the next time they post something or I might remember I commented. My method is somewhat fallible. I would have followed up why it wouldn't work on your Mac. Well, I would have intended to.