Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tired and old

What is Instagram? What is Form Spring? What is Reddit? What is Tumbler? I only have a vague understanding of Twitter and Face Book and use them cautiously. R hates Face Book because he struggles to understand how it works. If he has asked me once, he has asked me many times what Twitter is about.

I was almost at the cutting edge of computers in 1996, ok, not quite cutting edge if it was 1996. But everyone thought I was an expert and wanted my advice and help with their new fandangled computer and the internet. Now I am I just an ignorant older person. I don't know about these things I mentioned above and I don't really care.

I checked Twitter to see if there was any goss on how musician Greg Ham died. There was nothing that I found. There were so many announcements from various folk that he died.  Five hours after the BBC alerted me to his death via my phone, Twitter folk were still finding it necessary to alert people that Greg Ham had died. If you don't speak English, no matter. His death is announced in many languages.

While I don't deny that Twitter can be very useful, mostly it is quite tedious.


  1. Why is it I don't think you're missing a thing? Personally, I hate Facebook and see Twitter as basically dumb. I used to keep up with the latest computer and tech stuff also but now don't find much new that is of interest.

  2. I like twitter, especially when I'm in hospital. I can reach out and get almost instant responses. I am not overly fond of FB but find it useful for keeping track of overseas friends. Most of them rarely email, so that's made easier.

    It's all a waste of time, but meh, you get out what you put in. Mostly.

  3. I have a few 'trusted' Tweeters linked to my phone, including yourself, so that I can check out any messages in quiet moments.

    Occasionally there is a interesting pearl or important breaking news item amongst the tonnes of otherwise immediately forgettable messages.

  4. Rubye, you are probably like me. You have found things that the computer is useful for and enjoyable to do and just stop learning about it.

    Fen, it must be very useful when you only have your phone. What you say is true and I can't say I put much into either.

    Victor, it is funny as twice I think you have replied to a tweet of mine and they have come through to my phone. Did I set it to do that or did you? Yours are the only ones that do.

  5. You aren't going to believe this... but the brother of the manager of Split Enz and Men At Work was in my year at school and university :) I saw quite a bit of Nathan back in those days.

    Ave Greg Ham

  6. Instagram is a camera app for phones I think and maybe Tumblr is another version of StumbleUpon?
    Facebook is intrusive and Twitter is a colossal waste of time. People spend hours twittering about not having enough time anymore, when they'd have plenty of time to get things done if they just turned off Twitter.I don't know anything about Reddit or that other one you mentioned.

  7. Hels, any other musical links that you have want to share?

    River, you are one up on me. I haven't even heard of StumbleUpon, and I am not finding out. Twitter can be interesting if you know the actual person, but it is quite time consuming.

  8. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Andrew it was reported in the Age that Greg Ham had had probs with heroin and alcohol recently, also his marriage had just broken up. Don't know the source of that or how true it is. Very sad.

  9. IT, reading between the lines, are fair assumptions.

  10. I think you must have programmed it Andrew, I'd be shocked if I had the power to adjust your Twitter settings.

  11. Second thoughts Andrew; maybe I am the only person to have replied to your tweets?


  12. Perhaps so Victor. In fact given I rarely post anything, I wouldn't really know.