Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sheila gone

I don't know much about Sheila Scotta who died on good Friday. I know she was editor of Australian Vogue magazine and she only wore black and white. I think this is a marvellous photo of her and a gentleman taken while they were both probably waiting for the number 1 tram to Albert Park where she lived.
Photo from The Age.


  1. What a stunning photo. You couldn't get a more contrasting view of life, if you posed it :)

    Rest in peace, Sheila

  2. And also the egalitarian nature of the tramways system. It's a brillian photograph. I wonder where the gentleman is now?

  3. Hels, it may well be posed.

    Christine, I think it might be an oldish photo given how old Sheila was when she died. He is possibly in the finance industry now, wearing a suit and tie.

  4. Terrific photo. So many stories (real or imagined) jump out from it.

  5. Gloves. As much a part of every good ensemble as a bustle.

  6. Don't they ever Victor.

    FC, she doesn't have to touch anywhere that has common types' fingermarks and germs upon it.