Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rage, Rage, Rage

In an attempt to keep with modern music and what the kiddies are listening to, I recorded ABC1's Rage, a young peoples' tv music programme. It was a special broadcast, the Silver Jubilee edition, and I figured they might have some good stuffs on it.

If you play the brief clip below, you will understand why whoever is nearest, reaches for the television remote control when the opening theme to Rage begins. If the set is not turned off, the volume is muted at least. The beginning of Rage usually means bedtime for us. The commercial tv equivalent is when those ads start.

First cab off the rank was ACDC's It's a Long Way to the Top, filmed in our very own Swanston Street with our very own old trams trundling back and forth. That was good. Oh dear, that is thirty six years old.

How would Nivarna's track Smells like Teen Spirit be described? Is it thrash? Is it metal? How can they make music with all that long hair flying around? In spite of myself, I found I was reaching for the control to turn the volume up. Then my head started nodding. I would normally shut the radio off if such a track came on, but here I was, quite enjoying it. The visuals do help. Oh dear, that is twenty one years old.

What would the nephew and nieces think of Aunty Andrew?

Oh look, this is not too bad. INXS with a medley of Love you Tonight and Mediate. Oh dear, was it really 1987?

Wow, Mental as Anything with Live it Up. Now we are getting modern, 2003. Oh dear, that was  a live performance. Back to 1985.

OutKast? Black men running around without their shirts on? Visually appealing but....well, a bit to rappy for me. Anyway, at least it is in the 2000s.

Pat Benetar with Love is a Battlefield. Nope, 1983. Jeepers!

I love this one, Send me an Angel by Real Life. So gay! So good! I don't believe it. 1983 again.

Brilliant, Madonna's Vogue. An anthem for gay men. I confess that I may have just struck the odd pose when this was popular.  Still in the eighties.

George Michael, Freedom. Hmmm, I never minded the track but I didn't find GM so interesting. Of course now he is interesting. We never know which public convenience he might be found in or what drugs he has taken when he is found slumped over his steering wheel.

Brittany, My Loneliness. Spice Girls, Spice up your Life.

I'm bored now. I can only conclude Rage programmers are as old as I am and I shall remain ignorant of the modern music that the kiddies like.

Later edit: Movie Show host Margaret does the Rage scream.


  1. I remember sitting up ALL NIGHT on New Years Eve 1998/9 and recordingRage from beginning to end on my old VHS. Then spending the next few days going through the tapes and re-recording just the songs I wanted onto one tape. I did a similar thing another time with a radio broadcast, I think it was also a New Years Eve, but can't remember which year. That one took me almost a week of listening and re-recording to get a tape to play in my walkman. Now I have the songs on cd and dvd.

    P.S. I have an award for you over at my place, please pop on over and collect it whenever you're ready.

  2. ha ha that wasn't modern music rage, that was some special they had on. Everyone on my twitter stream was yammering on about it all night, making me jealous! It sounded like a great mix of old tunes.

  3. I guess Nirvana would be described as "grunge". You might have to watch next week for what the kiddies are listening to today but you might not last as long.

  4. River, summer Rage is great and much more suitable for our age. I recorded selected tracks from Rage, 3 three hour tapes of favourites, later transferred to dvd and now neglected.

    Fen, really, such interest? There were some great classics.

    Jim, yes grunge. That's the word. I suspect you are right, I wouldn't last long now.

  5. I love the golden oldies, Andrew even of they come in the form of RAGE.

  6. Elisabeth, golden oldies? That is what our parents listened to wasn't it? Ok, maybe it the music of our generation. Funny how the kiddies like our music and we did not like our parents music.

  7. Hahahahaha1 funniest post I've read tonight Andrew. I have an image of you head banging to all the oldies!! oh and btw ACDC rule...I love them, especially good when running on the treadmill!

  8. Grace, ACDC while on a treadmill would certainly pump you up.

  9. I could never appear on 'Spicks and Specks'. Most of the names you mention are just that to me, names. I wouldn't have a clue about their...ahem...body of work.

  10. Victor, that is because I am a hip young person and you are not.

  11. Very true, Andrew

  12. the Rage screamer is Deni Gordon.
    Deni Hines is named after her.
    I can't stand it either.
    rock on

  13. Well, yes the dates work out for that Ann.