Friday, April 20, 2012

Prince among thieves in the temple

Prince is to perform in Australia. I am working on pure memory here but don't I remember Prince from the mid nineteen eighties? Thieves in the Temple? Non Dreaded Nephew was overjoyed to get tickets to the concert. I want to bop him on his head and point out Prince is my music, not his. Not that I care about Princes' music anymore, but what happened to the generational divide? Dreaded Nephew has even convinced his dad, Tradie Brother, of the merits of Prince and is taking him to the concert. That is a big change from Tradie Brother playing Patsy Cline's maudlin Stand by your Man over and over again.


  1. I thought Stand By Your Man was Tammy Wynette.
    I remember Prince quite well, nice body although a little thin and way too short, great hair, nothing spectacular about the voice. I heard Raspberry Beret on the PA at work recently and I think one of his albums was called Pearls and Lace.
    I was never a fan and wouldn't go to see a concert if you paid me.

  2. If he wasn't in musicals then I don't know him. Hehehehe, not true, I have heard of him but couldn't name any of his songs nor recognise them.

    Wasn't he at some time using the pseudonym 'The Person Formerly Known As Something Or other'?

    Will he be performing as in your photo? If so you can get me a ticket and I'll wear earplugs.

    (Yes I am an old fart gay.)

  3. She may have been the original River, but Cline certainly sang it. I wasn't sure, so I checked before I posted. Short, Prince certainly is.

    Victor, he is one of those guys who exudes sex, or he used to. He makes the best of himself but I have heard him described as a hairy little Latino.

  4. Lost my comment dammit as my phone rang. I do like Prince, I know most of his stuff and enjoy it. I wouldn't pay to see him despite hearing he puts on a great show.

  5. Fen, my phone rang just yesterday. It gave me such a fright. I am not used to it. I'd reckon his show would be very well produced.