Monday, April 02, 2012

Old Crocks

I am the oldest of four. In descending order, Highriser, ABI Brother, Tradie Brother, Sister. I am the least fittest of my siblings. While I did play badminton for a year or so with a friend in my late teens, that was the extent of my sporting achievements. If any other sort of ball came in my direction, I would run away. The ball was not there for me to catch or hit. It was there to hit me and it will hurt.

Tradie Brother's two daughters and son all have sporting injuries that are already causing them problems.

Given I am the oldest of my siblings, I should have joint pains, a bad back and a hurting knee. I have none of these, yet my high sport achieving siblings all have issues with joints and muscles and these are not improving as they get older.

My advice to someone young to ensure good health in older age?

Don't play sport. It will damage your body.

Walk a lot, don't run.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    For us a lifetime without sport of any sort, apart from that which was compulsory at school, has been a blessing. But we do walk!!

  2. Your advice is useless. I've never played any sport, yet I have the bad back, the achy joints, the muscles that tear themselves if I so much as lean the wrong way suddenly. I walk as much as my knees and hips will let me, some days are much better than others and I only run if I'm almost at the bus stop and my bus is right there.

  3. Yes but River, imagine how bad you would be if you had played sport!

    Netball ruined my knees, I had surgery when I was 16! The rest of my body was swapped with an 80 year olds as I slept!

  4. Fun run is an oxymoron, and all that?

    I would not want to be on any team that would have me for a member.

  5. Agreed!!Although I do enjoy watching big men play with balls!!

  6. The list of sports at which I am incompetent is legendary. But I could watch other people indulging in contracting potentially life threatening injuries for hours ...

  7. JayLa, I do remember you posting something about school sport. Fast walking is best for you health, but slow walking is good for the mind.

    River, maybe I have exaggerated my lack of joint fitness. I twist one way and I get pain.

    Fen, I'll take that as an endorsement.

    FruitCake, I agree. No one looked happy in the Fun Run for Kids yesterday. Nice paraphrase of a Marx Bro.

    Grace, I have always found balls to be troublesome things.

    Really Red? It is the probably the best way to indulge in sport.

  8. oh no, don't recommend to people not to do sport.

    My husband's radiological practice is near the MCG and he depends on sportsmen (elite and weekend hackers) to provide a living. There is nothing quite like the back of a 25 year old fast bowler who looks as if he is 60, radiologically speaking.

  9. It is good to see the beginnings of an antisport movement developing here. Compulsory sport at school made for misery for those, including me, who hated the team games, the gladiatorial rivalry and who, quite frankly did not want to get hit on the head with a hockey stick, hard ball or whatever implement was being used at the time. I walk, though.

  10. heheheh,

    how unassie. But good news to Kiwis if there are more like you.

    You were not bullied when you were young?

  11. 'least fittest'?

  12. I played sport when i was young footy, cricket, squash etc so far i've had no problems that you describe and i can still walk 10 kms a day no problem, guess i must be one of the lucky ones :-).

  13. Hels, if people stopped harsh exercise, I expect our medical system as we know it would collapse.

    Precisely Christine. I didn't like sport but there was those who hated it so much, it made their lives miserable.

    Ann, no I wasn't really bullied. I fitted in well enough in other ways. I don't even remember much bullying at my school.

    Victor, Sister is still very sporting, Tradie Brother does manual work. ABI Brother does football and cricket umpiring. I sit down a lot.

    Windsmoke, ten km is impressive! Perhaps you are like the one hundred year old woman who still smokes and drinks brandy.

  14. I am with you Andrew on this. And proud that the girls follow the family tradition that started with one of my elder sisters - but I do love swimming

  15. MC, I probably should have added swimming to walking.