Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not what I usually post

It is mildly amusing but apparently the mining giant Xstrata was not amused at all and has threatened legal action, stupidly against someone like myself and Daniel who are just showing what has been uploaded to You Tube. I did find the bit where the question was asked about why coal is washed funny. Clean coal technology of course. Read more at Daniel Bowen's website.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    How extraordinary to be consciously polluting the water supply and then having a job to check to what degree.

    And, yes, washing coal...!!

  2. Well, their own expensive and glossy propaganda messages invite this type of satirical and clever response.

  3. Coal gets washed?

  4. JayLa, extraordinary is the word.

    So true Victor.

    River, strikes me as pretty odd too. The coal needs to be sparkling before it goes into the furnace? Maybe it needs to have dirty Aussie soil cleaned off before it goes to pristine countries like Japan and China.