Thursday, April 26, 2012

My very earnest man

Dear Mrs Maud, I thank you for teaching me how to remember the order of planets, My Very Wise Man Just Showed Us Nine Planets. I know you would have rather been actually doing science than trying to teach science to us brats, while we constantly tried to gas you by turning on bunsen burner taps. I thank you for your diligence in not allowing us to blow ourselves to smithereens. Oh yes, Mrs Maud, I did not make the rotten egg gas. It was Johnny Breit and Fats Aitken.

And I really am stretching it, now mentioning the spelling formula for Woolloomooloo for the third time. Sheep loo, cow loo.

But I am so excited as I have learnt a new aide de memoire. I just hope this one turns out to be as genuinely useful as the aforementioned. 

I could test your knowledge with a quiz. I better google it as I don't trust you not to.

No quiz.

Does M'lord Ever Visit Brighton Beach?

This will be terribly useful to me when I meet such people, that is when I finally gain the station to which I am best suited. I will know the precise amount of deference to show when I need to fawn.

In descending order of importance, Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet.

Absolutely invaluable.

What a pity I can't remember the proper name for these aids de memoire.

Later edit: Why did I need to know about this? I was interested because of the Pippa Middleton Paris photo where someone in the car she was in showed a gun. In the car was Vicomte Marcy de Soultrait, a viscount, who may or may not be the boyfriend of the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. Isn't it good that I get life's priorities right.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Less sure about the planets but for dukes, etc., so very useful. After all, do we not need this information almost daily?!!

  2. JayLa, I expect you are closer to needing such information daily than I am.

  3. Mnemonic?

    My very elegant mouse just sits under new potatoes. [Well he used to, now he just sits under new.]

    I shall have to practise asking M'lord that question.

    In the meantime, all I can recall of queen's Birthday honours is Kindly Call Me God. Does anyone know the others?

    Love this stuff.

  4. Why the question mark FC? You know perfectly well that it is the right word, as you know perfectly well that I could have easily found out the word. The games we play. ;-)

    When checking google, I found a site that has them all. I didn't save it though, but I expect I will have find it to work out the one you mention.

  5. Will you please let us know when you've googled it Andrew, I'm curious also, but too tired (it's 12.45) to google..I'll be back!

  6. I remember a lesson where we all had to exit the lab because of the rotten egg gas made by one of the boys.
    As for all those fancy titles, they're trivia to me and I don't need to know them. I'm never likely to meet anyone with a title higher than my own.

  7. There's also a difference between Earl Somebody and the Earl of Somewhere. You must get it right or it's Tower Hill for you.

    Thank goodness we don't have Aristos here just swill that floats to the top and I never mentioned Abbott or Hockey in that sentence.

  8. Grace, brains never work well at night. I just worked it out, Queen's Birthday Honours, KCMG, Knight of something or 'tother.

    River, it is a horrible smell. You never know when you might get the chance to say, 'well you ARE only a baronet'.

    Jah Teh, viva la revolution. Off with their heads. Sadly you are correct, the swill floats to top.

  9. I remember one of those Knight thingees is 'God Calls Me God' not that anyone will ever need it for me.

    I'm too lazy to Google it, what is the difference between Baron and Baronet? (maybe the latter is an immature - or underage - version of the former?). More to the point how does Brighton Beach help you remember which is which?

  10. The only mnemonic device I remember from Grade 6 was for the Great Lakes between Canada and the USA.

    South Melbourne's Heriot Eats Onions.

    Superior Michigan Huron Erie Ontario - in the correct order, I hope.

  11. Victor, I have no idea about Baron or Baronet and I expect I care as much as you do. Yes, Brighton Beach does not give the order, but it is a natural progression.

    Hels, what an impressive school you went to that taught you the order of the lakes. What on earth is a Heriot?

  12. Anonymous11:30 am

    I think I have too many drugs on board to understand any of this :P


  13. Thank you Hels... the Great Lakes thing has been torturing me for years.

    One possible "device within the device", on this occasion, might be BarON and BEach.

    ?= is this the one you are looking for. I've learned the hard way not to assyoume there is no alternative or even better answer to a question.

  14. Fen, ask for more while you can get it.

    Clever FC. I always knew you were.